The secret to Success – top tips on how to achieve overall happiness

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that there’s no formula for a life well-lived but, actually, there is – at least when it comes to your health. On a physiological level, at least, the human body requires only a few essentials to stay in good shape!

The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring is the leading accreditation authority for professional coaches. Here, one of their accredited coaches offers up 6 simple steps to health and success!

1. Adequate sleep and rest – a solid amount of sleep per night allows your body to rest and repair itself. Sleep deficiency is, sadly, very common and can lead to a number of health issues.

2. Natural diet and nutrition – although we’re surrounded by inexpensive junk and processed foods, keeping a balanced and wholesome diet is essential for giving our bodies the fuel it needs. And remember – good food doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to prepare.

3. Sunshine – our lifestyles are increasingly indoor-focused, and we’re missing out because of it. Get outside and give your skin some of that Vitamin D.

4. Peace of mind – stress is one of the biggest contributors to bad health – both mental and physical. Rearrange your schedule to give yourself more time to relax or try to find ways to calm your mind.

5. Plenty of water – water is essential to every cell and every function of our bodies, so make sure you’re drinking it often and in large quantities.

6. Adequate exercise – just 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise per day is all that’s needed to keep you trim and strong. Whether you walk, run, skip, or swim, it’s also great for your mental health!


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