Batten down the Hatches with Beacon & Armour

Beacon & Armour was founded to champion the narratives of all people and to bridge them with ethically produced hardware rooted in heritage. We seek out stories from every corner of the world and pair them with curated specialists to deliver compelling experiences and quality craftsmanship. We believe in hard work, authenticity, equality and purpose. Only by working together can we achieve a synergistic effect that cannot be rivalled.

Their mission is to honour heritage through ethically-made hardware that will last you a lifetime. Which is reflected in the message of their first collection : Pass this jumper on to your ______.

This campaign was designed around the art of Kintsugi – It means, ‘to join with gold’. The broken pieces of an accidentally-smashed pottery are carefully reassembled and then glued together with lacquer that is mixed with very luxuriant gold powder. The damage is not covered up, and the fault-lines becomes beautiful and strong. The precious veins of gold are there to emphasise that brokenness has philosophical richness and depth. Because these jumpers carry the weight of history; like passing down clothing from one generation to the next, buying these heritage jumpers for someone would be like passing heritage on to them.

Combining the art of Kintsugi with this philosophy, the point is to restore these two pieces of history with jumpers that are ethically-made here in the UK

Their first collection consists of two 100% British wool jumpers; The Guernsey – a traditional fisherman’s jumper that can be traced all the way back to the 17th century; and The Submariner – which played a key role in British history worn by the Royal Navy in both World Wars.


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