Tattoo-Do’s or Tattoo-Don’t – Tattoos in Fashion


Fashion has always been one of those objective industries where what looks good is purely a matter of opinion, with different things suiting each and every single one of us. Accessories range from bags through to scarves and many more, however many of you will have a more permanent style of accessory, in the shape of a tattoo. It’s estimated over 20 million Brits have a tattoo somewhere on their body and they are just like fashion trends, whether you have a British Bulldog on the back of your leg or some barbed wire around your arm or even your name or something equally profound in some  ancient language you have followed a trend to obtain it.

Now a new group of young tattoo artists are taking over showcasing and new range of styles so could more people want to get tattoos? Let us know your thoughts below!
One of the most recognised shops from around the world is Bang Bang NYC this shop contains some of the most in demand artists in the world all in one place and with 2 million current followers on Instagram we are sure you can imagine the waiting lists. With artists such as Mr K and Dr this doesn’t really surprise us.

The current trend in tattooing is small and dainty designs found randomly placed on the body, however you only have to look at individuals such as David Beckham and Robbie Williams to see the transformation that this industry has taken in the last 20 years. Big Tribal pieces are now rare to say the least! Now people like Brooklyn Beckham are showing the new key styles of tattooing today with many people copying this aesthetic.

Heard of Sound Cloud rappers? They are taking tattoos to a different place (not the best place we must say). People like Post Malone, lil Xan and aren’t starting in the usual places such as their arms they are just going straight for the face, Yes we did just say face!! It’s a 2018 trend which has been discussed over and over however as we said earlier it’s objective, your body, your rules!

Let us know your thoughts below, are you a tattoo fan? Have any drunken ones from a holiday in Spain? Drop them in the comment box down below!


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