Returning Styles to Look Out For 2018


As the Spring, moves into the Summer months and are slowing starting to show signs of life, the SS collections the high street are also appearing. It’s easy to spot the new trends to start wearing but what about the return trends? There’s nothing wrong with saving some money and dusting off some of the old jackets and jeans, trends aren’t just about how much you spend, here’s a look at returning trends that you can dig out of the wardrobe.

Jogger Shorts
One the comfiest garments on the planet, jogger styled shorts are coming back for the relaxed streetwear style. Luxury streetwear brands like Societe Noir offer simply designed shorts with a premium finish, the grey marl, black and navy colours are all popular colours this season and it’s usually something that most people have waiting at home. The style is mainly seen with high fashion brands though, getting the look ideal look may mean getting for branded shorts that show the intention bnd your choice.

Well-Fitted Jeans
The current era of jeans has mainly been skinning, carrot and spray on jeans these all show a more edgy approach to trousers, but as more people are wearing them, it has become the norm. Fitted Jeans are a current trend that still offers the wearer a tailored finish, without looking too tight. Fitted jeans are best for a smart casual style, everyday use and the style is currently seen in darker colours rather than the light stones washes…. But that could change.

Simple and effective, both horizontal and vertical stripes are a big trend this season but both have different styles behind them. Vertical stripes are known to offer the wearer a slimmer look, a clothing illusion, vertical stripes are being used in a smart sense this season, darker evening wear with light stripes to finish off the look. Horizontal stripes aren’t as flattering (warning) but it’s a trend that is best used for casual wear, retro-styled tops with multiple colours used for the stripes give off a relaxed style that should be worn with a casual fitted top.

Pendant Necklaces
Jewellery trends don’t tend to be set in stone like clothing, possibly because jewellery is a bigger investment. Pendant necklaces are a top trend this summer and vintage pendants add extra depth to the look, if you can get your hands on one. Extra-long necklaces matched up with a pendant works well if you’re a fan of wearing plain tops in the summer, the trend is mainly seen in silver which works perfectly with both white and black tops.

Denim Jackets
Light, oversized and showing signs of wear, you all have one hiding somewhere. A light stonewash jacket in an oversized fit it a great option for the summer, denim is always the best idea if you’re unsure of the weather, not too hot nor too cold. Rolling up the sleeves and matching it up with some slim jeans and longline top highlights the jacket and doesn’t demand too much to make the look work.

Some easy wins which you’ll likely have hiding somewhere, it might not be all of them but it’s a good starting off point. Naturally, you can always mix and match what you make work in the summer, it’s hot, the rules are made to be broken!


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