Kith X Offwhite- When you thought they couldn’t do it again.

WORDS by Isaac Perry

For the second time this year Milan based Uber brand Off White has caught the headlines with yet another collaboration. Off White founder, and sometime creative and art director, Virgil Abloh, whos past collabotors have included two guys you may have heard of called Jay-Z and Kanye West on their album Watch the Throne, for which he was nominated for a Grammy. This time he’s working with KITH better known the other side of the pond, has previously collaborated with sportswear giants Adidas, with previous shoe’s hitting quadruple their original retail value.

The collection includes nine pieces including a Black Hoodie, Heather grey crewneck and white long sleeve t-shirt, as well as three additional t-shirt colours.

Joining both KITH’s ‘Just us’ motto, in addition to The O of Off White being replaced by a globe, in this ‘ OFF PALETTE’ capsule.

This collaboration was first released on Friday the 13th; hopefully the collaboration wasn’t as unlucky as that date itself is made out to be.

The question on our lips is what’s next for OffWhite with rumours of a move to the number one spot at Fashion House Versace and a possible collaboration with, get ready for it, Swedish Interiors brand Ikea ???? The world is very much OffWhite and Mr Abloh’s oyster.

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