The Last of the Famous International Playboys – RIP Hugh Hefner


One of the most, if not the most iconic faces in publications history, Hugh Hefner will never be forgotten. The founder of the Playboy magazine created in 1953, has dominated the world since its creation and we over at Clothes Make The Man felt it was only right to remember Hugh with some of his best outfits throughout the great years and to thank the man who brought the ‘cool’ back into Pyjama’s.

My favourite outfit consists of silk pyjama’s and a custom-made smoking jacket’ this is the outfit that Hugh is best known for, topped with his classic sailors hat, this became his own individual look and contributed to making the icon he is. If on the rare occasion he was spotted out of his pj’s it would be in a pin sharp Italian tailored Armani suit, looking as dapper as only he could.

His personal style adapted from laziness, began when he started working late into the night time and allowed him to realise the comfort of lounge wear, Hugh openly admitted to having 200 plus pairs of silk Pyjama’s, nonthless, I’m not too sure many of us would be able to relate to this. As for the sailors hat, it came from a lack of effort for his hair and through covering it with a hat nobody would ever notice and assume it was part of his character.

Editor’s word:-

I was lucky enough to meet Mr Hefner, or Hef as he preferred to be called, once in the Club at The Standard Hotel, in Downtown LA. He had a real presence about him, which even the most harden, celeb weary Los Angelenos couldn’t but help notice he’d walked into the joint. When he spoke to you, he totally came across as an old school gentleman, just oozing that golden age of Hollywood charm. He was a raconteur and someone you knew would make the perfect diner party guest. My overwhelming memories of this encounter  was the fact that the Entourage of ladies who arrived with him all had blonde Farah Fawcett style hair, yes the black girls, the Asian girls and even the oriental girls. #RIPHef


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