Fun Playhouses for the “Kids”

When I was a kid, all I wanted was shelter outdoors, bizarrely. Being that I lived in a house and all, you really wouldn’t have thought that would be an issue, but nonetheless, all I wanted was sheds converted into castles, wigwams and tipis, and tents. Whether it was for a clubhouse, a castle, a base or whatever, having lairs seems to be a big thing to kids, and with such a huge benefits to outdoor play and pulling kids away from the TV, it’s a great idea for your garden, particularly if the weather carry’s on like this.

What’s more is that a playhouse can also provide a great outdoor storage space as well as a play centre. If you’ve got an area that you’re planning to use for a shed, consider getting a playhouse instead. The kids will love it, and it’ll last absolutely years. Here are some great options.


Shire Bunny Playhouse

A sweet, smaller playhouse, the Shire Bunny Playhouse is a great cheaper, budget option, and its ambiguous design and style allow you to customise to exactly what your kids are into. Looking for a fairy tale cottage? Give the window frames a coat of paint, some rustic pastel shades. Even plain, it makes for a great playhouse for all the kids, and with basecoat treatment to protect the wood, opening window, safety styrene windows and a cosy 4’ by 4’ size, it might be a cheaper option, but it’s always going to be a hit. 

Traditional Swiss Cottage Playhouse

At 10’ by 10’, this is one of the biggest and most spectacular playhouses available. Constructed from gorgeous redwood timber cladding, and a cute integral veranda for the kids to relax and play on, this is ideal for three or more children playing together. This is a great playhouse, but beyond the appeal to the kids, it looks absolutely gorgeous in any garden. If you’re going all out, this is the playhouse for you.

Shire Wigwam Playhouse

If your kids ever play cowboys and Indians, or have a love for history, this is the playhouse for them. The conical shape also passes fantastically well as a spaceship or rocket cockpit, ideal for your imaginative little astronauts. If you want a slightly more original playhouse in your garden, this is the one for you. At 7’ by 6’, and with such a unique design, this playhouse is sure to spark your kid’s imaginations and interest in learning and history

Windsor Rose Tower Playhouse and Slide

This is a magnificent playhouse. If you’ve a garden without the right kinds of trees to build a treehouse, a tower playhouse is the next best thing. You’re giving your kids a private space to play and enjoy, as well as a fun slide. At 13’ by 6’, this gives your kids the perfect centre for their play. What’s more is that you can use some of the dry space underneath as outdoor storage!

Shire Command Post Playhouse

If your kids aren’t all that into playing house, and are a bit more into their action films and army things, as boys are sometimes wont to be, this is a great option. At 6’ by 4’ this is a spacious playhouse that gives your kids room to let their imaginations run wild.




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