Feel the freshness of the surf with Lab Series new product

The mornings and evenings are definitely getting lighter, and do you know what I’ll stick my neck out and say Spring is certainly in the air, in fact I’m sure I saw a daffodil the other day, although, it could have been a weed.
This Spring, Lab Series are being inspired by the sea, ocean waves and surfing by launching two new products in their Pro LS range. First, the PRO LS All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel builds into a powerful foaming lather perfect to cleanse the face and beard and rinses off easily. This cleanser gently, but deeply cleanses without disturbing pH or stripping moisture from the skin. Removes dead skin cells and impurities, as well as deeply purifies pores to help revitalise skin’s appearance. Nourishing agents help condition skin to leave it feeling smooth and looking refreshed.
Secondly, we have PRO LS All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel is a quick absorbing and lightweight moisturiser. Gel moisturising hydrators are utilised to instantly draw in, retain and lock in moisture to maintain hydration levels while also calming and soothing the skin with an immediate cooling sensation. Oil absorbing powder instantly eliminates surface shine leaving skin looking mattified with a shine-free finish.Both are quick and easy to use while also delivering multiple high performance benefits.


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