The sweet smell of success – 6 of the best Premium Shower Gels

There’s nothing better than when someone, you admire, want to impress, are attracted to,  complements you on how well you smell, that they think you smell good. However, it isn’t as easy as to Splash it all over, as good old Henry Cooper once put it, yes that antidote, is lost on anyone born past 1975. Wearing a fragrance and simply pinning all your hopes on the fact that you think it will last all day is being rather naive, to put it mildly. One of the main reasons why fragrance house and designer brands launch complete grooming ranges is to give you more of a uniform scent. So by using one particular scent’s accompanying grooming products with their flagship fragrance will give you much more of a presence in the pleasing odour departments. One of the more key products in achieving this nirvana is the shower gel and as always we do the hard work so you don’t have to.




Acqua di Parma, a highly aspirational brand which achieves that impressive desired effect, when people see this brands products in your Bathroom.



Hugo Red by Hugo Boss, is a versatile and approachable fragrance, fresh and refreshing.



A genuine classic, often copied never bettered. Creed Grooming products elevate anyone’s Bathroom and Grren Irish Tweed is a particular favorite of Clothes-Make-the-Man, well us and HRH Prince Charles and the late Cary Grant, so not bad company.



Ahhh the Amercian Designer Micheal Kors, increasingly a favourite not only with his clothing and accessories but gaining favour with his fragrance lines.



The King of sexiness’s reign doesn’t just stretch to Apparel, Tom Ford is very much the King of great smelling fragrance, well worth checking out.



Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Le Male, an amazing scent, a memorable Ad campaign, an amazing bottle, OK granted the shower gel’s bottle isn’t quite as iconic. Sweep whoever it is you are trying to impressive off their feet with this number.


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  1. Paul Chadwick
    28/07/2015 / 05:17

    Amazing article,definitely checking out these shower gels

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