Update your Summer Business Wardrobe by Nicola Reynor

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 14.36.55Experimental, Alpha chic, alluringly retro and individualistic are some of the words that have been used to describe menswear this season. What’s most fascinating is that style has not been restricted to those perfectly toned and tanned bodies and the picturesque beaches and parks. Style and comfort in menswear make their presence felt in the boardrooms as well. We do understand that it’s rather tricky to look cool and smart in these scorching months, hopefully, when heat and sweat become your perennial companions and the commute becomes even more of a trail. But a button down here, a turn up there and you’re all set to send the temperatures in the boardroom soaring. Follow these simple guidelines and be at your stylish best at work this summer without breaking into a sweat or the bank.
When you don’t want to invest an exorbitant amount of time or money on your office wear for summer, the rule of thumb is to invest in some quality fabrics. Getting the right fabric for your shirts and trousers is essential for looking stylish. Style is synonymous with comfort. To look sharp, businesslike and yet feel relaxed and comfortable, is a magic, crafted and spun through fabrics. The go-to summer fabrics would be cotton and linen. Classic cut customised shirts and trousers in cottons and linens never go out of style. Take care to choose finer threads, looser weaves and porous material to ensure breathability, lightness and maximum comfort.
The Colour Parade
Let your summer wardrobe be a curtain-raiser to the upcoming summer months. Don’t be scared of colour, flaunt colours that distinguish you from the crowd. Move beyond the browns and navys in suits and think baby blues and more berry tones, we’re not talking Cam from Modern Families here, just subtle changes. In linen, cotton or chambray these suits guarantee you a second look. Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren are really embracing berry tones as the colour to watch out for in men’s style this season. This rich and vibrant colour will not just perk up your summer business wardrobe but also make its presence felt in the spring and winter months. Paired with blacks, greys, beiges or blues, a berry colour shirt.
While the new colours are totally on trend, always resort back to your used-and-loved shirts and suits in khakis, light greys, beige and daring whites to feel comfortable and look stylish at your work-place, you can never go wrong in these. However, do remember that if you want to be that most noticed and uber-cool alpha male at the workplace, you got to play with colours. Think of experimenting with pastel tones. Pick shirts that uniquely punch in some summer colours and team them with darker tones until you feel more confident.
Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 14.37.22Add a Casual Vibe to Your Wardrobe
While I’m all for professional and business like attire in corporate wear, I do believe that the sweltering summer months call for some concessions and exceptions. Opt for an extra button open on your shirt to give that relaxed feel. Know that the era of the impossibly stiff suits and excessive buttoning up is totally passé, it’s not a period drama ! Casual chic is the new office wear code for the practical, style conscious alpha male.
Do spare a thought to the modest chinos and tailored-shorts (think loose-fit, grown up skater shorts, from Cerruti 1881 to Gap) Linen shirts tucked into smart chinos with loafers or brogues is captures the right balance of cool and comfortable. If you’re contemplating loafers would be appropriate or not, take our word for it- this summer penny loafers definitely are. Another trend in menswear that is rapidly bringing casual back in the corporate warrobe are rolled-up trousers ,showing just a BIT of mankle, easy does it.
The good news is that none of these require you to really burn a hole in your pockets. Most of them have made a pretty smooth transition from last season and are here to stay. The cool and chic look in business wear this summer is achievable and accessible. Tweaking your wardrobe essentials and digging a little deeper will help you in getting this right.

Rules Not to be Broken
While the stalwarts of the fashion world are encouraging men to experiment and break some boardroom rules, when it comes to power dressing, there are some rules that a man should never break.
• Always make sure that you smell good. Being appropriately deodorized at all times is absolutely must.
• Shoes maketh a man is not just a saying. Wearing sharp, well-made and comfortable shoes can ooze confidence.
• Keep the bedroom hair for just that-the bedroom. Short cropped hair, smartly cut and combed is what we are vouching for this summer.
• Last season we saw the resurrection of the beard. But now it is quite literally done to death. Gentlemen skip the beard this season and opt for a clean shaven look.

Final Business Talk
Sunscreen and sunglasses are not just for the fairer sex. Apply sunscreen lavishly on all exposed areas and let your skin feel and look good. Don’t be shy to flaunt a hat if you are going to be walking to work. The evergreen flat cap remains, but the style gurus are recommending the bucket hat, think Reni of the Stone Roses.
Finally make your own style this season. Flirt with clothes and be the sartorial powerhouse that never fails to impress. Look cool this hot season. Be suave, be relaxed, be yourself because nothing quite spells business and style better than being comfortable in your own skin


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