Don’t let your hair let you down – 6 of the best Hair Waxes

Ohhhh Christmas is all but a month away and the weather is truly awful, plus Christmas Party planning is in full swing and I know you wanna turn up looking your best and making sure your look isn’t that resembling a drowned rat but a Love Cat. Ensuring your Do stays in place and making sure that Do doesn’t become a Don’t. So to assist you in looking as splendid as God intended, today we are looking at 6 of the best hair waxes on the market –



Lets start with an all round great product, SuperFish Fishfix Controlling Wax. This tackles life head on with powerful control. It combines the hold of a gel with the smoothing properties of a wax to keep your style controlled and defined.



Next we have the Daddy of hair waxes, the Texturizer by Philip Kingsley. Yes, it is a little pricey for a hair wax but it offers UV Protection to protect your hair from irretrievable hair damage. Not only does its application give the hair shape, definition but also boosts shine and general appearance of your hair plus via the properties of Caprylyl Glycol, it helps hair to retain moisture. And if that wasn’t enough the pliable texture of the wax provides excellent hold.


This great soft wax from GO24.7 offers strong hold to your chosen style. It has been formulated as part of a comprehensive Modern Men’s haircare range to fit into his lifestyle and offers a no fuss time saving solutions.This innovative product provides texture and hold which can be used in conjunction with other products within the range to achieve contemporary styles with minimal effort, which at the end of the day we all want.


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 17.52.44


If such a thing as an artisan hair wax exists then this is it, the Wax Pomade from Mr Natty. This Product has been formulated, design and generally created here in the UK. It offers a truly British eccentricity to its packages but there is a no nonsense, common sense approach to its ability. This is simply a great product, from its clean, masculine scent to the ease in which it can be applied to finally the results it achieves, it offers great hold but all with a very simple appearance and in doing so your hair appears natural and health.


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 19.13.29


Now we have Rocker Wax from Fudge Urban. In all honesty all of the waxes within this range are great at giving great hold to your chosen style, hence why they are the product of choice from LC:M to One Direction. Now the important point to remember is what are you looking for from the product, they offer such snappy names as Surfer Wax, Texture Junk and of course Rocker Wax. The main reason I’ve selected this particular wax is for its re-workable, re-mouldable properties, it gives flexibility and in doing so versatility, therefore a day style can simply become a most suitable night style with ease.



Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.29.55Finally, we have Aveda Men Pure-formance pomadeĀ helps mold and style short to medium length hair into any maintainable shape. It has a built-in style-control agent that provides strong hold with lasting shine. As you’d expect from Aveda, a company which strives to create products that are botanically based and manufactured through environmentally friendly processes.It smells good enough to eat, offering an aroma that is rich, but never over powering, spicy and refreshing with kunzea, citrus and certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver, and lavender.


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