Where in the World – Napapijri (Competition Time !)

I first discovered the delights of Napapijri back in the latter few years of the 20th Century while I was working with the fashion team of one of the industry’s best loved, well it was then, mens magazines. The Fashion Editor at the time was PASSIONATE about the brand and we were encouraged, sorry sent off to do an appointment to view the range and from then on, I was sold on the brand.

However, please don’t think this brand’s history only dates back to then, Napapijri, whose name means “arctic circle” in Finnish, started out in 1987, in Aosta, as Green Sport Monte Bianco, more like an Ice cream brand to be honest, which made innovative backpacks and technical bags under the Napapijri label for the more demanding sort of traveller, i.e. not for the likes of us. This family company’s vocation for experimenting soon found a natural development in apparel too. Thanks to its discreet colours and wearability verging on city attire, the brand’s offering gradually abandoned the bright and vibrant colours up to then in fashion on the pistes in favour of a completely different look that was to create a new tendency in the sector.

Napapijri was a roaring success, with it’s striking signature Norwegian flag also appearing in more “urban” segments of the market. For the very first time an exclusively technical and sports brand cut a figure on city streets and with a strategy that was the reverse of many others who had merely borrowed the “active” clothing style to redesign their existing casual wear.

Napapijri supports travel, research and exploration initiatives to raise its customers’ awareness of the environment and eco-sustainability issues, listen to me. it doesn’t presume to be considered perfectly eco-compatible or ecological itself, the brand has always worked hard to disseminate general and scientific information on the situation at both the North and South Poles and other environmental issues and collaborates with research bodies such as Le Cercle Polaire and no-profit environmental organisations like Global Green.

For Winter 2012 Travel is once again the protagonist and source of inspiration for the brand. It departs on its imaginary journey that starts with the Napapijri Geographic Collection, which gives a modern twist to the brand’s archive icon piece, with revisited forms, advances in technology and new fabrics. It focuses on the Parka, coming in three lengths and seven colours, it’s padded with goose down and graced with fur on the collar, so suitable for cold (but not polar) temperatures, and heads up into the glaciers with the Napapijri Authentic Collection, providing technical and functional gear designed for more punishing temperatures, so think the move from Autumn into Winter.

As part of Napapijri’s current global marketing campaign they have send a couple, Rob & Jude travelling around different European cities where they take part in various challenges such as bungee jumping from the O2 arena in London or learning the art of Trapeze in Paris !!!!! All the while good folks like your very selves are able to vote for which challenge you want to see them undertake next via a dedicated microsite www.ourjourney2012.com

The second part of this expedition kicks off on, remember, remember the fifth of November, so cause some fireworks for Rob & Jude and click on the link above to act as Fate and steer they destiny to the challenge you prefer, their fate is in your hands. Mwoahahaha !

The Skidoo Jacket

Now to encourage you to take part in this adventure, we have a wonderful Skidoo jacket to offer one lucky winner, well it is getting a bit parky and this jacket will be perfect for those Urban Arctic conditions.

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