What is going on with the weather? One minute you’re putting a hoodie on to keep warm, the next putting up an umbrella to keep off the lashing rain and then; finally the suns out and you feel the burn!

You’ll be needing to stock up on some serious sun protection if you’re jetting off on your summer holidays and even if in the UK be prepared.

For those of you who want to come back with a statement tan – Piz Buin -Tan and protect
Tan accelerating spray SPF 30 is the one for you. Sprays on, leaves great shine, smells good and no white streaks. Nuff said !PB_TanProtect_Oil_Spray_SPF30



For those of you who are more sun sensitive NIVEA SUN Pure and sensitive sun lotion SPF 50 is good, but apply before you go out as it can make you look pale till it is absorbed, only saying !Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 22.37.51

This really worked, Marks and Spencer – Formula High Protection Sun Lotion SPF30 200ml, it’s made especially for M&S by an Australian company and you can tell- those Aussies know good sun sense and price wise its great value. Plus it was recently nominated as a Best Buy by Which? Magazine.Sun Care Formula SPF 30 Sun Lotion

For those into water sports … this had the best water resistance and with the high factor means you can stay out longer. Garnier – Ambre Solaire Clear protect +SPF 50 is a transparent body protection spray, which is non greasy and leaves zero white marks and is very water resistant.Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 22.20.47

Now, to be honest we should treat our faces differently and FACE facts – wear a sun protector daily.

We really like LAB series BB cream with spf 30+. Slap on like a moisturiser, its gives you great skin protection and made the skin look – well, better.Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 22.45.19

Dr Sebagh-Sun City Protection SPF 30 is aimed at the urban guy, and is at the ricer end of the market but offers great protection from suns rays and pollution. Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 22.49.10

Finally, this is always in CMTM sun defences. It is great for protecting your more delicate bits, like around the eyes, nose and forehead. It never stings – and it stays put, however hot and bothered you get- Clarins sun stick – 30+. Essentially a product we can’t say enough good things about !!!!Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 22.11.13

We men and I do mean to generalise here are pretty damn awful when it comes to safe tanning, laying in the sun and most importantly putting on suncream and when we do, that it’s a high enough SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Now as a result of this and without sounding like some Harbinger, I know where my strength lie and talking about suncream, the importance of it and what to do with it, is not one of them. I’m the person who has burnt in an outdoor meeting in LA at 7am in the morning, I’ve burnt in April in Galway and I’ve had local residents in Greece laugh at how I would burn if I didn’t get out of the sun at 10am. Due to this fact, I’ve called upon the services of the very capable, knowledgable and general good egg, Mrs Mc to help me on today’s post and so we carried out a comprehensive and concise tried and testing on the nation’s best suncream brands and their products, which covered the entire price spectrum. Over to you my lil ray of sunshine ;

Now the weathers hottin’ up and the summer holidays are officially here, you may want to chuck out the out of date sun cream and invest in some derma protection for face and body. As always Clothes-make-the-man have done the hard work and tried and tested a range of products on your behalf, so you enjoy the sun and avoid looking like our friend to the left.

We tried out these creams in 40 degree blazing sun and focused on protection, ease of application, appearance, price and smell.


For the body BODY

Piz Buin -Tan and protect

Tan accelerating spray

SPF 30


Piz Buin -Tan and protect

Tan intensifying sun spray

SPF 30


Both these products performed well overall as they go on easily and gave a good gleam to skin, were reasonably waterproof, smelt good and protected well. In 40 degree heat probably needed factor 50…..and to remember to reapply after swimming! Don’t be like my husband.



Moisturising Sun spray 50+



Pure and sensitive sun lotion SPF 50


Again these are strong scoring products, well priced and easy to apply though the sensitive took a while to “disappear” always best to apply when inside your apartment, fresh from a shower to avoid white streaky bits, sand sticking and missing bits…




(Boots own brand)

Invisible, Dry touch transparent sun care spray SPF 50


This worked well, very reasonably priced and easy to apply and stayed on well after swimming. Good all round option



Sun care Milk lotion spray 50+


Clarins have produced a protective sun care range for both body and face. We trialled this milk lotion , one of 8 sun products for the body that deliver deep down UV protection and offered efficient sun protection.


Garnier – Ambre Solaire

Clear protect + SPF 50

 This product is clear, so leaves no white marks, and is in a spray so easier to apply to those harder to reach areas. Pleasant in smell and well priced is a good all round option.




Sun wrinkle control cream for face 50+

Our personal favourite product for the face, this cream offered great protection, didn’t sting if  it went in yours eyes and kept face moisturised in very hot/dry conditions. Smelt fantastic and reminded you of holidays straight away. A tad pricy but a little went a long way and it is for your face



(Superdrug own brand)

Mattifying face Sun Fluid SPF 50

This scored well and compared well with the more expensive products, its mattifying fromula meant less shiny face, and though slightly tinted (don’t be scared) it looked very natural on, one the girlfriend will be pinching.



Brightening UV Defense. SPF 30


This is serious stuff! It offered as good protection as the 50SPF and is loaded with all sorts of botanicals to ensure it’s an effective moisturising sunscreen that evens out skin tone. It’s also the most expensive product tested but worth it for those of you who want to seriously protect your face whilst indulging in some sun worship and why wouldn’t you …


Useful link to Cancer Research UK being safe in the sun!