Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 15.32.04If the answer to any one or more of the following questions is YES then I’m sure, like me, the thought of de-toxing has, at least, flashed across your mind over the last week or so;

1) I don’t want to see another Tin of Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations, Ferrero Rochers or so much as a selection box for the next 11 months ? Yes / No
2) I crave vegetables, that doesn’t count Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Parsnips or at least 4 different types of potatoes all on the same oversized plate ? Yes / No
3) If I see a Turkey based meal between now and 24th December 2014, including, Turkey Stir-fry, Curry, pie or fajitas I shall commit Hari-kari on a Quality Street Toffee Finger ? Yes / No

Yes, after the over-excesses of the last month or so, if you’re feeling anything remotely like myself, your skin feels terrible, your hair feels crap and your generally feeling like a something you would scrap off the bottom of your shoe. We at Clothes Make the Man have sourced some products and advice which should put you on the road to recovery or at least start to make you feel slightly more human.

We asked the experts at Vitaman for some advice “Do you have any new year tips after the excesses of the Yuletide ?”

  • To counter the excesses of Yuletide, a bath in Epsom salts is a quick and easy detox. Add a cup of Epsom salts (available from all good Pharmacies) with a few drops of rosemary or grapefruit essential oil and soak for half an hour.
  • To get your circulation going after relentless parties, a work out in the gym will do wonders. It increases circulation and oxygenates the blood and skin. It is especially good the morning after the night before – it’s a great hangover cure.
  • Refresh your skin- We tend to drink a little too much during the party season which dehydrates your skin. To combat this, use a facial masque to deep cleanse the skin and draw out toxins leaving your skin fresh and revitalised.
  • To start a post-Christmas detox, scrub your skin. It removes dead skin cells, get the blood flowing and stimulates the lymphatic system to detox. You can use a body bush or grab a tub of VitaMan’s Salt Scrub. Massage it into the skin in vigorous movements working towards the heart.

The VitaMan Sea Salt Body Scrub also works to eliminate the build-up of dead skin cells, daily grime and dirt. Excellent for dry, rough skin, ingrown hairs. It quickly exfoliates, helps eliminate blackheads and acne and leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated with smooth, clean, younger looking skin. Ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel.Australia Sea Salt – coastal sea salt – a natural, gentle exfoliatant perfect for removing dead skin cells, Macadamia Nut Oil ,Patchouli and Almond Oil and Cinnamon Extract – used to treat skin infection whilst imparting a warm, spicy aroma

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 15.28.31

If your January calendar now rammed full of rigorous gym sessions (and avoiding the pub)? It’s not just our bodies which need a swift detox your hair has taken a right ole hammering this yule. The Naked Detox 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is infused with peppermint and sorrel leaf to get rid of pollutants and other product build-up, leaving hair feeling fresh, clean and ready for the year ahead.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 15.25.29

Blink – If you’re feeling dry eyed and not very bushy tailed after the New Year Abbott Blink Eye drops will rescue and protect tired, dry eyes and soothe them at night for a more restful night’s sleep.


Lastly, Clarins MEN Fatigue Fighter is a light, cream-gel which gives an instant energising boost to tired, stressed looking skin. As soon as it’s applied, skin looks fresher, healthier, firmer, even rested. For all skin types as a pick-me-up after a late night or heavy week at work. Use on its own or over Moisture Balm or Gel. Whenever your skin needs that extra boost.

“Over the festive period, late nights and an excess amount of alcohol will cause skin to become dehydrated, making it look dull and lacking in vitality.  Start the New Year by drinking plenty of water and stick to a time efficient skin care routine- it takes less than a minute per day and will keep those dehydration lines at bay in 2014”

Marie Mckeever – Clarins Head of Treatment Development

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 15.10.04

With the overindulgence of Christmas long behind us, has jog on January passed us by and the gym membership is already gathering dust ? After all the over doing it of eating, drinking, changeable weather, late nights and stress of the Seasonal period, it can REALLY take its toll on your skin.

We’ve search the length and breath of the market to find the best products to give the stuff that keeps you all in there, Skin, a well earned detox for the start of 2013, don’t worry it doesn’t involve wiping oneself with the branch of a birch tree or drinking only hot water and the occasional concoction from some quake. No this is the best products for breathing life back into you face and giving you a more healthy colour.

Firstly, we sort the advice of a medical practitioner , Naturopathic Doctor Nigma Talib, who advised us;

“Your body eliminates about 1/3 of bacteria, viruses, and toxins through the skin. The body removes toxins through the pores to the surface of the skin. These toxins clog the pores, cause breakouts, irritation and inflammation to the skin. This in turn accelerates your skin’s ageing process as your skin is no longer making healthy cells, but instead fighting off “foreign invaders” in order to protect the skin. In order to keep skin and hair healthy and detoxified on the outside, you must eat foods packed with vitamins and minerals, particularly foods rich in Vitamin A, C, B, Zinc and essential fatty acids. Obviously drinking plenty of water is key too and I suggest using the following treatment” – 

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 13.49.05The Clarifying Clay Masque, by Skin Ceuticals, is a wonder product at getting rid of dead skin cells, lifting impurities from the skin’s surface and deep cleansing the pores. Formulated with the highest quality natural earth clays; Kaolin and Bentonite, with extracts of aloe and chamomile, it helps to purify, clarify and refine skin.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 14.23.44Weleda Birch Juice works to eliminate the toxins out of the body, accumulated over the indulgent seasonal period. Helping to kick start a detox programme, with a recommended as a 3-6 week course, a tablespoon of juice should be diluted into a large bottle of water and drank throughout the day to cleanse the system. Drinking the organic juice on a daily basis will boost lack lustre skin and restore vitality, ensuring a clear and bright complexion.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 15.47.02Fatigue Fighter by ClairnsMEN, offers a light cream-gel which gives an almost instant energising boost to tired, stressed looking skin. As soon as it’s applied, skin appears fresher, healthier, firmer, even rested. It works with all skin types as a pick-me- up after a late night or heavy week at work. An active ingredient is wintergreen plant extract which removes dead surface cells which make skin look dull and grey. Marie Mckeever, Clarins Head of Treatment Development, believes –

“Over the festive period, late nights and an excess amount of alcohol will cause skin to become dehydrated, making it look dull and lacking in vitality.  Start the New Year by drinking plenty of water and stick to a time efficient skin care routine- it takes less than a minute per day and will keep those dehydration lines at bay in 2013”


Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 15.11.14Pure Athlete Detox Bath Salts (Soak) combines 15 pure essential oils and mineral rich salts sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and the Dead Sea( Ohh it must be good then). This special blend is designed to draw out toxins, which may have accumulated as a result of training and competing, or overdoing it during Christmas even, which cleansing the body, soothing the soul and rejuvenating the skin.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 16.03.30Lastly to give our bodies a kick start and return them to the temples they normally are, a good course of multivitamins are essential. Centrum have tailored a course of multivitamins and minerals to the needs of the male gender. Specific levels of B vitamins and Iron in Centrum Men help to support much needed daily energy metabolism and heart health. Vitamin D and Calcium contribute to normal muscle function and antioxidants like vitamin C and E protect against physical stress, helping men to stay healthy and take on whatever the days bring.