imageWe all think at one time or another, do you know what, that’s it, I’ve had enough, I’m gonna tell him to stick his job and I’m gonna start my own business, then he’ll see, he’ll be sorry. I’ll show them, shaking your heroic fist in the air! Then we have a cuppa o’ tea and a chocolate hob nob and we seem to calm down for a while. But Deborah Price, didn’t, she followed through on her dream and left her highly successful and well paid job, in the middle of one of the worse recessions of modern times and launched British Boxers.

So why Boxer Shorts ? Well there’s a great little twist to the story here, the reason why boxer shorts were chosen as the first product to launch and why the beautiful packaging for the aforementioned boxers actually feature Deborah’s great great great grandfather Jem Mace who was arguably the first world heavyweight boxing champion in 1870, see very clever. The story of Jem’s amazing life is told on the lovely litho-printed boxes, so if you wanna learn more you’ll have to buy a pair and you can read more into Jem’s amazingly fantastically interesting life. But to whet your appetite Jem wed three times and during his colourful and hectic life owned not only a hotel but also a Circus !!!!

Deborah told us, “Bringing back British manufacturing, telling the story on the British Boxers packaging of an ancestor who had his own battles to fight (albeit literal ones), using stunning fabrics and working professionally with so many friends who helped to bring the whole project together has been a brilliant experience.”