BLACK_OUDH1No you’re not mistaken, yes, favourite clothing retailer Reiss, have ventured into the Scent market and no this isn’t any daft Justin Beiber, Peter Andre fragrance. For Autumn 13 Reiss, debut fragrances for Men and Women, in Black Oudh for Men and Grey Flower for their female counterparts, or vice versa if you so fancy. Both fragrances are modern classic scents with unique formulations featuring hand-picked ingredients that represent style, design and elegance, hardly alien concepts to the brand.

Black Oudh is an alluring and enticing fragrance opening with fresh aromatic top notes of Laurel Leaf and green Cypress, descending into the deepest Heart accord of Sequoia Wood, Clary Sage and Vetiver. Finally Black Oudh, Black Musk and Amber at the base make this a magnetic and alluring fragrance.

Where as Grey Flower is a seductive, mysterious and deeply addictive fragrance. The Armoise and Pimento Berry balance the seductive centre of Sequoia Wood, Jasmine Noir and Cocoa Leaf, followed by the velvety warmth of an addictive base of skin musks, Olibanum, Amber Crystals and Patchouli and Baies leaving an unforgettable scent.

Having recently celebrated 40 years, 2013 sees the stylish brand branch out into the beauty industry. Founder, David Reiss wanted to wait for the right time to launch their debut fragrances, Reiss has always been focused on delivering affordable luxury; creating directional, design-led clothing and accessories.




Reiss originally launched the range 1971 back in Autumn 2009, aiming to attract a more contemporary, youthful audience, willing to push the boundaries and adding a new dimension to the Reiss customer. So why 1971 ? Well, of course this marks the date that David Reiss founded the brand. No matter, the brand were at the time of  1971’s launch and still today VERY insistent that the collection is not retro, in any way- but rather fashion-forward. They see the customer as modern, current, self assured and confident as the range likes to celebrate iconic men, but in turn gives the customer the chance to be the character.

Reiss, pride themselves on always evolving and moving things forward, never sitting still. And so, wanted to re-invigorate 1971 and create a minimal, sharper spirit which is reflected in the product offering. The brand want 1971 to encapsulate this ideal of youth, sharp and clean whilst remaining true to the Reiss brand values. They worked with the Mantra of SOULFUL, COOL, CREATIVE & EXCITING… and used these words as  the foundation blocks for this collection in creating a new identity for 1971.

As part of this re-birth they have also introduced an iconic bishop (Chess piece, not a mitre etc) logo featuring on menswear casual shirts, trousers, shorts, knitwear, cottons and tees. This reflects the location of the first Reiss Store, which of course opened its doors in 1971, in Bishopsgate, London, ‘Where Shoreditich Meets the City’.