Lord of the Skies – Bell & Ross by Leo Parker

bell and ross

Aviation style luxury watches are set for a big year in 2013 and there is one name that typically stands out from the crowd when it comes to this style of timepiece – and it is that of Bell & Ross watches. Although they are a relative newcomer to the luxury watch industry (forming as recently as 1992) but they have not wasted any time at all in establishing themselves as one of the powerhouses of the industry and their aviation style timepieces certainly forms the cornerstone of their endeavours.

The brainchild of Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos Rosillo (Ross), these breath taking timepieces have found favour amongst luxury watch aficionados the world over and all Bell & Ross watches are designed for professionals and crafted to 4 essential criteria – namely, precision, readability, performance and water resistance. Bell & Ross have a number of different collections of timepieces but the aviation feel permeates them all to some degree or other and it is a feature that has certainly made them popular amongst those looking for a highly functional and visually appealing luxury timepiece.

Just some of their most popular collections include the WW Vintage, BR01, BR02 and the BR S series of watches and these all positively exude luxury and elegant sophistication. Many of the Bell & Ross watches are purpose designed for pilots and this is something that is extremely evident from some of the features that you find on Bell and Ross timepieces. These classically styled, aviation themed type of watches are set for a big year in 2013 and Bell & Ross will inevitably be the driving force behind this popularity.

Let’s take a look at some of the stunning watches with an aeronautical feel that could be yours from the luxury watchmaker, Bell & Ross:

Bell & Ross Vintage Collection:

br1The Vintage Collection from Bell & Ross is unquestionably amongst their most stylish and sought after range of timepieces and you can see just how eye-catching they are from the spectacular Bell & Ross Vintage BR 126 Officer timepiece pictured.

This excellent series of striking timepieces is based on a profound need for military precision and they are designed on the military style timepieces worn by officers throughout military history.

These Vintage Bell & Ross watches are incredibly popular and this popularity is set to continue in 2013 as more and more people look to add a classic style luxury timepiece to their wrist over the next 12 months.


Bell & Ross BR02 Collection:br2

Famed for their versatility, Bell & Ross watches are one of the most stylish, rugged and precise collections of timepieces on the market and that is typified by their extraordinary BR02 Collection.

This unusual and striking collection is a departure from the aviation style watches that Bell & Ross are most renowned for as it is a series that is purpose built for divers and boasts an incredibly impressive water resistance with the pictured timepiece capable of plumbing depths of up to 1000m.

Bell & Ross BR03 Collection:

br3The Bell & Ross BR03 Collection is their square aviation style timepieces and they have become one of the most symbolic watches that they offer and for a fan of oversized timepieces, this collection should be your first port of call.

These watches are genuine aviation instruments and are popular amongst pilots the world over for their high-visibility and precise mechanics. Needless to say, those who spend a lot of time in the skies require a highly functional timepiece and watches like the Bell & Ross BR03-94 Heritage pictured certainly ticks all of the right boxes.

A great watch for aviation aficionados and one of the collections from Bell & Ross that will likely fly (pun not intended) off the shelves in 2013.


All Bell & Ross watches are made in their modern watchmaking facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds and all of the timepieces that roll off their production line have been tested in hazardous and inclement conditions to ensure their durability because, as aviation timepieces, then need to be capable of withstanding even the most inhospitable of environments. If you want one of the most rugged and stylish watches on the market in 2013, it is difficult to look beyond Bell & Ross.


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