Not just your run of the mill sorta Sunnies – Great Sunglasses brands you may not have heard of, yet.

June is but days away, the temperature is creeping up, and the sun has got his hat on, occasionally. Now wearing sunglasses isn’t the prerogative of just Rock Star, Scary Fashion Magazine Editors and mafioso types. Sunglasses should offer protection to our eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, prevents us from squinting, hence reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around our eyes and last of all if the right shape and colour are chosen for our face makes us look cool.

We’ve all heard of Ray Ban, Oakley and their pretty much isn’t a designer brand worth their salt that doesn’t produce a sunglasses range for you to buy into. But we’re gonna look at a couple of brands that may have gone unnoticed, as yet, by your good selves and in the process help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. So whether lounging by the pool, dancing in the festival sun or just waiting to catch a glimpse of the Summer time, we’ve got a style for you.

imageFirst up is Ace & Tate who like to do things differently, every pair are hand crafted in Italy without costing the earth. A pair of frames by Ace & Tate is an accessory in the true sense of the word, to be switched up depending on mood. Just like a pair of sneakers. This quiet revolution in optics was launched in June 2013 by travel aficionado and die-hard music fan Mark de Lange. Mark sought to reframe the glasses-buying experience after questioning why it cost as much for new lenses as a pair of fancy new frames. After a crash-course in how to marry craftsmanship and design, Ace & Tate was born; so called after the acetate that the frames are made of. Ace & Tate’s secret is to cut out the middlemen that most optical brands depend on. Instead, the small and passionate Dutch design team liaises directly with Italian craftsmen to produce the boutique collection of high- finished frames.

imageNext is a brand with their first foray into eyewear and a brilliant collaboration in one. Camper have teamed up with Nendo, from the land of the Rising Sun, but inspired by the home of Camper, Majorca. A unique project with two results: this the first time the brand has developed a sunglasses range with a renowned designer and it’s the debut for Oki Sato, designer at Nendo. Created with minimum fanfare, taking the name, eclipse, they contain all the subtlety that characterises his work.

imageEye Respect have been make waves in the sunglasses world for few seasons, with collaborations with the likes of Oliver Spencer and A.Sauvage. The Brand is much more then a simple play on words, it offers a premium hand-crafted product at the correct price to market. The customer is able to choose from an assortment of high grade components that include cellulose options, colour and grade of lenses, hinge options and inside text personalisation service. All the while this level of service can be fitted to the customer on the spot, no less.

imageThan we have Triwa, back in 2007 four friend took the decision to quit their day jobs to focus on a shared dream. With the energy and conviction of true enthusiasts they dedicated themselves to producing a range of products that reflect real quality, design and style without over charging their customers. They built their offices within an old stable in the heart of Stockholm and set about creating their first range. The quartet have always prided themselves on looking outside the constraints of the industry to find inspiration, with the sphere of art proving as their best muse. For this season, Triwa has played around with vibrant colours, steel transparencies, heavy material thicknesses and bold shapes to add a little attitude to your summer disguise.

imageMore known for their brightly coloured timekeeping pieces, rather then their sun protecting properties Ice watch Eyewear. Part of a 20-piece collection – there are two truly iconic styles to choose from; Pulse, the brand’s fashionable design with a timeless shape, and Mood, a rounded model with retro detailing.

Perfect for the holiday season, the range of sunglasses from ICE-WATCH provide outstanding protection with category 3 anti-UV polycarbonate lenses, ensuring safety as well as comfort with its soft silicone finish.

The frames are ergonomic, lightweight and adapt to all facial types. They are produced in Europe without hinges and screws, so allowing them to withstand any deformation.

imageFinally, this season US brand Jack Spade known for their effortlessly stylish aesthetic have launched their first eyewear collection, included within it are a take on vintage classic shapes but all with that modern Jack Spade twist.