Since it’s launch in February 2011, MRPORTER has established itself as an award-winning global retail destination for style conscious men. With express worldwide shipping to more than 170 countries, including same-day delivery to New York and London and next-day delivery to the UK, US, Germany and France, a seamless shopping experience across mobile, tablet, desktop, email and telephone, plus multi-lingual customer care and personal-shopping team who are available 24/7, 365 days a year. They offer an outstanding product offering from the world’s best menswear and luxury brands – including Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci, Moncler, Acne Studios, APC, Tom Ford, Common Projects etc. Complementing its menswear with ever-growing, industry-advancing categories, such as fine watches, grooming, performance, sport, tech and lifestyle.

This season it continues to flex its sartorial muscle by offering us exclusive collaborative collections. First up from that bastion of British style Sir Paul Smith who launches a 20 piece collection which illustrates his immaculate tailoring skills, faultless construction and brilliant eye for detail. The capsule includes outerwear, jackets, suits, polo’s, shirts and knitwear.

Next up another exclusive capsule collection with eccentric Italian brand Etro. The 12 piece capsule includes luxurious outerwear, jackets, polo’s, a shirt, pair of trousers and suit created using faultless craftsmanship with the artful use of print and colour.

Lastly, now keep this to yourself but there has been talk of another exclusive capsule collaboration with another Italian Fashion House, this time from the heritage fashion house of the moment, yes none other than GUCCI, so keep your eyes peeled, for that one.

Yes it’s that time of year again, Wedding season is upon us, as is Prom Season, actually while we think of it our work wardrobe is in need of a little refresh. Well, let the National Treasure, that is Marks & Spencer get you a helping hand, well an exceptionally well tailored, sartorial one at that.

M&S introduced its first in-store suiting department 45 years ago in 1972, and has focused on style, innovation and fit through the decades. Market-leading innovations and first to market ranges have been at the core of the department, with M&S pioneering colour match technology that enabled customers to buy jackets and trousers separately, which at the time was seen as revolutionary and an extended size range including tailoring options first launched at M&S in the late ‘80s.

For Summer 2017, Marks & Spencer is helping men across the nation find the perfect suit for them with the launch of its biggest ever suit range. There will be 53% more options to choose from, with more styles available across fits and sizes. If that wasn’t enough, over 100 trained suit fitters work in our stores, suit alteration services are available across 70 stores, and size guides are accessible online. M&S also offers a Personal Tailoring service, available in M&S Marble Arch, Bluewater and Westfield White City stores, with a broad choice of suiting fabrics, created to the specific styling requirements and to fit each customer. Made to order shirts are available online, providing premium quality, perfectly fitted shirts, with fabric, lining and buttons all customisable and created to specific styling preferences.

To celebrate the launch of its biggest ever suit range, M&S is working with rugby player George Kruis, fitness expert Louis Rennocks, and model John Todd to showcase the breadth of offer.

George Kruis (below)says, “I’m really excited to model the latest tailoring range. I have been shopping at M&S my whole life, so have well and truly grown up with the brand. As a professional rugby player I have always struggled to find tailoring that fits due to my height and build. This jacket fits well on my shoulders and is tailored at my waist, which makes it a great piece to throw on over casual wear to sharpen up my look.”

M&S will now offer over 150 suit styles in up to four fits, in sizes ranging from 36” to 54” on jackets, in lengths ranging from short to extra long, and 28” to 48” on trousers, with leg lengths from 29” to 37”.

For well over a decade Havaianas have become synonymous with Summer footwear not only in the U.K. but across the globe. But did you know:

  • 94% of Brazilians have or have had a pair of Havaianas. In 1963, over one thousand pairs of sandals were sold per day.
  • In the 80’s, the Federal Government considered Havaianas a basic-goods basket item. Prices of these basic-goods basket items were controlled to avoid inflation.
  • Main factory in Campina Grande, North East Brazil manufactures over 206 million pairs per year.
  • 190 million pairs of flip-flops sold in 2011.
  • 520,547 pairs sold per day.
  • 21,689 pairs sold per hour.
  • 6 pairs sold in a second.
  • If a consumer wants to buy all Havaianas flip-flop models available in the market, print and colour combinations, he/she would buy 454 pairs per year.
  • Since its birth, over 4 billion pairs of Havaianas have already been sold. If lined up all together, they would go around the Earth about 40 times.
  • Each Portuguese owns 4 pairs of Havaianas on average.
  • Each Aussie owns 5 pairs of Havaianas on average.
  • Each Brazilian owns 25 pairs of Havaianas on average.
  • Havaianas now retails in 85 countries, with over 454 different styles available!

But also 2017, marks the 55th year anniversary of the iconic flip flop brand. 55 years putting a smile on people’s feet deserves a big party!

Havaianas has launched a special collection, the Havaianas Tributo, to pay homage to the first Havaianas model, the Havaianas Tradicional. For that reason the Top, Slim and Origine styles will feature the traditional colours like the first Havaianas pair created in 1962.

A special launch that will be a must for all the collectors and loyal Havaianas lovers.
Created in 1962 Havaianas have been bringing Brazilian spirit all around the world through the legendary rubber sole and bright joyful designs. Havaianas represents comfort, happiness and freedom in the most simple and spontaneous form for everyone’s feet.

Ohhhh yeah, it’s finally started to warm up, in the words of Elbow Front Man, Mr Guy Garvey, “Throw those curtains wide! One day like this a year’d we’ll sing it right”. Well maybe more than one day, but with the weather warming up is the problem of Sweating. An issue that we all have to deal with at some time or other. In an unusually warm environment, the average person sweats about 3 pints an hour. Perspiration is your body’s built-in cooling system. When we sweat it is usually for a reason: either we are stressed, emotional, nervous or simply feeling too hot.
However, sweating makes nearly five per cent of the UK’s adult population worry more than most. That’s because they suffer from a rarely-discussed condition known as excessive sweating. It remains a taboo, because it’s embarrassing, especially if it happens in public or in a time and place which makes it feel a whole lot worse for the person involved. Plus, it’s seemingly impossible to treat.

Rescue is at hand, because there is a remedy on the market that really does work. ODABAN Antiperspirant Spray is one of the most effective and long lasting solutions available for people who suffer from excessive sweating. Unlike other treatments, ODABAN is affordable, easy to use and has been the secret no-sweat weapon for many people for over 40 years.

ODABAN is very easy to use: its versatile pump spray provides precise application to all parts of the face and body, avoiding the risk of over-application, which is one of the key reasons other products can fail to help. The active ingredient in ODABANproduces partial-poral plugs, which in turn create a drying effect on the skin without blocking the sweat glands. Silicone is also included to help protect the skin from dehydration and spread the formulation more evenly. One application of ODABAN can last for up to seven days making it one of the most impressive solutions on the market for excessive sweating.

Most individuals will find they are getting the desired results they have been looking for within a few days, because ODABAN regulates the rate of sweating, leading to drier skin, reduced odour issues, unsightly sweat stains as well as painful chafing. Simply apply sparingly at bed time, when the skin is at its driest and wash off the treated area the next morning. ODABAN is 100% free of perfumes and allergy inducing ingredients therefore it can be used over most areas of the body.

Back in the winter of 1986, in the picturesque Swedish ski resort of Åre, three talented skiers got together to discuss a few things that they had been thinking about, based on their own experiences. Putting the world to right were old friends Stefan Engström was a world-class mogul skier with several World Cup wins to his credit. Peter Blom was editor-in-chief of the country’s biggest ski magazine. Christer Mårtensson was an art director and designer. Before long, they were joined by a fourth person, former alpine skier and ski salesman Jonas Ottosson. First and foremost they want to know why no one making clothes that they wanted to wear? Clothes that combined excellent functionality with simple, cool design; not flashy, but still not boring ?

It turned out that the answer to their quandary was Peak Performance. The team’s ambitions didn’t initially extend much beyond making some clothes for themselves and their friends, in sufficient quantities to make a living from it. But the outside world wanted more. In the late 1980s, people were tired of extravagance and superficiality. Everybody missed the real thing that comes with genuine quality. A plaid flannel shirt was suddenly the answer, rather than neon and glitter. Grunge replaced synthesizers in the music industry and Peak Performance replaced a number of flashy brands on the ski slopes.

This season the gentlemen have turned their attentions away from the ski slopes, well it is coming to the end of the season and set their sartorial sights on golf attire. More to the point create a range which sees you effortlessly transitioning from the golf course to the city, the Peak Performance Men’s Golf collection fuses high tech fabrication with non-typical golf wear fabrics like Neoprene, mesh and jersey to create a clean and contemporary silhouette. The collection redefines the essential kit for the young, modern golfer. The range is designed for great movement. Offering redefined classics, which additional benefits including pieces which are water repellant, breathable with a soft touch and stretch enabling a full range of movement on the golf course.

Our favourite piece is the Hawick Jacket. Giving you a weather proof shell protection. A sophisticated bomber that consists of everything a progressive golfer is looking for. This sleek, lightweight, all black, three layer jacket serves you Hipe ACE waterproof technology and high breathability for every weather eventuality.

We are aiming for the dedicated and fashion-minded golfer who demands the best when it comes to performance and style. We have merged classic designs, today’s innovation with influences from the city and created a sophisticated yet edgy collection. It’s perfect for high performance players that want to stand out in a unique way” says
Johanna Holmer, Designer, Performance Golf.