This week sees the launch of two brand spanking new products from the luxury grooming brand, ClarinsMen, which promises to be new favourites when it comes to your all important and hopefully for 2018 increased Grooming time to ensure your looking clean, sharp and handsome.

First up we have the UV Plus Men SPF50 UVA/UVB. Formulated especially for men’s skin, this multi protection sunscreen, yes you read that right, Suncream, as it’s the perfect face guard, no matter the time of the year. It offers high level UV protection combined with an anti-pollution complex in a lightweight, oil- free and water-resistant texture. The perfect accessory for urban activities in the city to outdoor sports in the country. Cellulose matifying powders to absorb excess sebum to prevent shiny skin.
Organic quinoa extract reinforces the skin’s barrier function and stimulates its natural hydration process and ClarinsMen Energising Complex [bison grass extract + gymnema] to energise.

Then we have Hydra-Sculpt, a dual action innovation in one single step. The combined gel and cream textures moisturise, tone and smoothe while visibly contouring and redefining the jawline. This complete resculpting face care offers the comfort of a cream, with the tightening effect of a gel. Skin feels instantly fresh and noticeably firmer.

Lemon extract and salicylic acid encourages the elimination of dead cells on the skin surface to smooth skin texture and prevent the formation of ingrown hairs. Organic oat sugars form a tightening film on the surface the smooth the skin. Glycerin and organic bisabolol preserves skin’s hydration and provides soothing comfort. Also, it includes the ClarinsMen Energising Complex with bison grass extract to encourage and stimulate skin energy regeneration and gymnema extract, used for its capacity to preserve energy, the essential element for healthy functioning cells.

As we’ve said on a number of occasions ethical and sustainable matters are, or should be, high on the agenda of fashion brands and them being seen as a priority is going nowhere anytime soon.

Swedish footwear and accessories brand, Vagabond, who now operate internationally across 42 different countries, is now ready to launch their Shoe Bring Back initiative in all concept stores.

Shoe Bring Back is an exciting new recycling concept where people can bring in old shoes to deposit within the ‘Recycling Bin’ located in the store. Shoes which have future wear are given to charity, and those which have reached the end of their life are taken apart and recycled into new products.

In cooperation with I:Collect, the international global solutions provider for the collection, reuse and recycling of used clothing and shoes, the aim is to encourage all consumers to take responsibility for their used shoes.

A big problem with shoe consumption is that a great deal of the shoes that are being thrown away, still have a lot to give. Therefore, the most important mission for the Shoe Bring Back-project is to make sure that shoes that are still in a wearable condition are being collected to get a new life as second-hand goods, or be recycled into new products.” Says Ulrika Simonsson, CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Manager at Vagabond.



Boohoo man is one of the top affordable men’s fashion brands, boasting 100+ new products daily. Launched in 2006 the brand has been in the headlines ever since, but more so for their womenswear, however the tables have turned making it one of the go to sites for men’s affordable fashion. Soaring to the top, the brand has given previously heavy hitters something to think about.

Joining forces with artists such as Tyga, Rae Sremmurd and most recently Love Island Winner Kem Cetinay, has broadened their online presence and appeal, opening them up to a wider market, without even mentioning the addition of Big and tall.

This time it’s the turn of Disney, well that speaks for itself, the most iconic animated brand ever to have existed or even brand for that matter, where your mind has no limits and when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

Two completely different industries coming together as one, these brands are creating a collection and it doesn’t get much more fun than this. Bringing legendary characters such as the main man Mickey and the rest of the Disney crew.

The collection consists of a variety of t-shirts both long and short sleeved, combined with hoodies and sweatshirts, some of the most used day-to-day items; this collaboration bringing out the sense of fun and inner child in every Boohoo man.

Some of our favourites being the black Goofy hoodie containing his name and face located on the front, with that classic ‘goofy’ smile and big ears we all know and love, as well as this, the majority of pieces containing the face of the animation’s poster boy Mickey.

All pieces are Black, white and grey, the most popular colours in our wardrobes with vibrant colours found on the characters bringing them to life on the pieces.

Let us know what you think, and in the words of Mickey mouse’s Arch Rival Bugs Bunny, ‘That’s all folks!’

Words by Charlie Britton

Hairstyles have and will always be very important for the modern man. It’s the crown you never take off. The part of your image and style you can’t really change up on a daily basis. With the new year in full swing, gents are searching far and wide for a new look and are turning to 2018 men’s hairstyle trends to try something new.

Here at Clothes Make The Man, we want to make sure you get the style that suits you best. From 2018 trends to hairstyles that you should and should not try, we’ve put together a guide to make sure you get a cut above the rest.

The 2018 Hairstyle Trends

There are a handful of 2018 trend forecasts for men’s hair, all suggesting slightly different styles you can put into action this year. It’s clear that some are definitely of-the-moment ‘dos, which we can’t see being very popular at all with the everyday gent. However, some styles are certain to become staples for 2018 which will fit perfectly with menswear trends set for success this year.

The Buzz Cut

In 2017, the buzz cut was brought into fashion by celebrities and everyday blokes alike. It became a pretty-boy staple for some, including Sam Smith, Zayn Malik and Brooklyn Beckham all sporting the sheared back style.

The buzz cut is sure to stay in 2018, but it’s not for the faint hearted if you’re used to luscious long locks cascading from the top. Furthermore, the buzz cut wont suit all face shapes. If you have a round or triangular face shape, a buzz cut will only work against you. If you have a more rectangular face shape where your jaw matches your forehead in width, then a buzz cut will work great and compliment that masculine head of yours.

One thing to consider with this cut is also your ears. If they stick out a fair amount, leave your hair longer on the sides. A buzz cut will only exaggerate your ears, encouraging ape-related banter from friends and colleagues.

To achieve this style, simply ask your barber for a buzz cut. A good starting point is a clipper grade #2 on top and #1 on the sides. You can also ask for a skin fade on the sides, up to either a #1 or #2 on top. This will give the cut a bit more shape and structure, however will leave the sides free from hair at the bottom, so expect quite a drastic transformation.

mens buzz cut

Zayn Malik and Sam Smtih

The Bob

A hairstyle that’s been around for years is the swept-back bob. This longer hairstyle has been made popular over the years by famous faces including Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and more recently, Kit Harrington.

The bob is the perfect long hair, don’t care style for running your hands through your hair without the risk of upsetting anti-hipsters by sporting a man-bun. On a quick note, the man-bun is well and truly done, so chop that thing off if you’re still in denial that you borrow your girlfriends hair bands.

This style suits quite a lot of head and face shapes, as the bob can be cut and styled to suit each individual. Gents with square and more circular head shapes can pull this off perfectly as the swept back style can add structure to the overall image. However triangular and longer rectangular head shapes can work with this style well by letting the hair fall in front of the ears.

To achieve this style, you’ll either have to grow out your hair until it’s a good length, then ask your barber for a long swept back bob that tapers slightly at the neck. You can also opt for a more laid back style by letting the back fall onto your shoulders if you’re not too bothered about a groomed finish. If you have longer hair, it’s just a matter of having the style cut into shape at your favourite barbershop.

mens bob hairstyle

Kit Harrington, Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper

The French Crop

There are quite a number of variations for this cut forecasted for 2018, but they inevitably come down to the french crop. This hairstyle has been worn on celebrities across the globe and the average joe for quite some time, however it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The french crop is effectively created with a tapered back and sides, usually taken rather high, with a textured and short top. The front is then either cut bluntly, leaving a contrasting line of hair across the forehead, or pushed slightly to the side. This style of course will change slightly depending on the barber you visit, but a french crop is easy to achieve with the right knowledge of what to ask for.

As a short style, this is again suited to the more masculine square face shape. Rectangular and circular face shapes can also pull this off by leaving the fringe slightly messier, creating more texture across the front of the head.

To achieve this style, ask your barber for a french crop, faded down to a #0.5 or even a skin fade. Inform your barber that you want the hair to sit going towards the front of the head, with lots of texture. If you’re up for a more striking cut, ask for a blunt fringe with a little texture. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, ask for the front to be left messy, so you have the choice to leave it straight down or pushed slightly to the side.

mens french crop

Cillian Murphy

Classic Side Part

As much as the skin fade and very short back and sides are popular in todays society, 2018 is the year we finally see a comeback of the classic haircuts, including the scissor cut pompadour, slick back rockabilly and of course, the classic side part.

George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio to name a few have been seen rocking this classic cut many of times both on and off the red carpet. Theres a brilliant reason as to why. It’s a timeless classic, full of elegance, style and sophistication. This cut has been the front runner for the men’s grooming industry since we can remember and it’s about time it made its sparkling come back.

Furthermore, this style can be adapted to suit every face shape and every style, so whether you’re after a well groomed cut, or something more natural and loose, the classic side part is a great go-to for 2018.

To achieve this style, decide how short you’d like to take it, then ask your barber for a classic side part haircut. Simple as. We definitely wouldn’t recommend going shorter than a #2 or #3 on the sides to maintain the classic look, and ensuring the parting is on the correct side of your head to go with the shape of the growth and crown. You can also ask for a scissor cut side part to leave the sides longer and looser if you’re not a fan on a tight back and sides.

mens classic side part

George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio

So there we have it. Our favourite forecasted men’s hairstyle trends for 2018. Whatever hairstyle you decide to try next, remember to make sure it will suit your face shape! For all the barbershop jargon you might not be aware of, we have the perfect post to bring you up to speed with the barbers, so have a read here if you’re looking for your next trim.

What other haircuts do you think will be prominent in 2018? Leave us a comment below or tweet us here at Clothes Make The Man!

The festivities of the Yuletide may be well and truly behind us, but I’m sure you, like me, had to hit the ground running when it came to going back to work and it crept up on you, like the realisation that it was you, and only you, who are the entire box of Milk Tray, yes both layers! Nonetheless, and lets swiftly move on, you still haven’t caught back up on your sleep after partying a little too hard on the Advocaat and Port and boy are you feeling it, plus it’s really showing in your face.

The eyes are the window to the soul and when you start to feel run down, they are the first to give you away. We all know a good eye cream can change everything. It can even help you look younger, it’s not a miracle, for longer. Defy the visible signs of aging—which often show up first on the thin skin around the eyes—with something new from LabSeries: MAX LS Power V Instant Eye Lift.

For the first time, their patented LS Power V Technology is available for the eye area. This high-tech moisturizing treatment delivers five key actions to instantly give skin a tighter, firmer feel and a smoother, more youthful appearance. It helps you virtually “defy” gravity as it helps visibly transform skin.


As Jodie Boland, LAB SERIES Grooming Director, explains,
With MAX LS Power V Instant Eye Lift, you immediately see a difference around the eyes, which refreshes the look of your entire face—a great confidence booster for my clients and models.”