Trainers are a status quo, no doubts about that. During the last 10 years Nike, Adidas, New Balance and many more became iconic even though they were designed as simple running shoes. From Adidas’ Ultra Boosts to many Designers’ collabs, these are the top 5 trainers that will make you look fighting  fit  (and comfy too). Get your pocket money ready because we are going on a journey in the fast lane!

The UB’s Effect
Ultra Boosts are everywhere, no doubts. When Adidas released their “greatest running shoe ever”, they did not take the whole Hypebeast’s world into consideration. Ultra Boosts are absolutely stylish and the quality of the materials definitely makes them one of the best running shoes on the market. The Boost cushioning is already iconic, and Adidas’ competitors are on the hunt. That’s why they are in our top 5, get a pair of those asap!

The Good Old Days
Back in the early eighties when a mens gymwear was even more flashy than today, Nike’s “Span II” were a must. Today, 30 years later, they decided to re-release them with their original colour palette. This is a must-have for collectors and sneakers enthusiasts alike, as they will be limited edition as far as we know. Vintage is still a fashion trend, apparently!

Adidas x Kolor, flash to impress.
What happens when you combine Adidas’ experience with the Japanese designer Kolor? Absolute Hypebeast material. Apparently inspired by cycling culture, the adiZero Prime and the Alphabounce Sneakers are flashy and techy (they both include all the latest Adidas tech, including PrimeKnit mesh and their famous Boost). If you are into flashy shoes and you wanna stay comfy, these are a must-have.

Reebok x Hanon
Yet again, another designers collaboration, this time is Reebok’s turn. These shoes are clearly a reference to RB’s “Belly’s gonna get you” from the early 2000’s. This time, they teamed up with the streetwear shop Hanon, to create these “Workout Plus” special edition pair. With a mix of fleshy tones, the “Belly Shoe” is constructed in a unique application and depicts a questionable diet of lager and bar snacks. Beer belly to the front and relaxed indigo to the back. The upper features a butter soft suede and a little cellulite by way of pebbled leather overlays. Premium denim is applied to hold it all together and finally for luxurious comfort, a special bar towel lining and insock are there to take the weight off your feet. You gotta love the belly!

New Balance x J. Crew
New Balance is a big name when it comes to trainers, no doubts. These ones, in particular, are a fantastic choice, for the style-hungry ones. Inspired by Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, these 998 New Balance are a J.Crew exclusive and they are made out of premium American suede. The soothing blue colour, also, is something that makes this pair of shoes an absolute must cop. They are exclusively available at J.Crew, so keep that in mind.

The trainers here work perfectly with fitness clothing, which has a natural active appeal to them. The trainers are designed with both style and running in mind but it’s all about whether you’re willing to spend that kind of money on running shoes!


Diadora has teamed up with lifestyle brand Sundek for its latest Spring 2018 collection, blending the Californian coast and Italian culture.
Both brands showcasing a completely different form of style – Sundek are one of the leading emblems for your classic west coast surfer style, selling everything from sweatshirts to swimming shorts. Diadora on the other hand is an Italian born brand specialising in athletic clothing and footwear in an array of sports

The collection includes Sundeks rainbow motif incorporated within Diadora’s classic designs, collaborating both brands aesthetics as one, with the collaboration consisting of two total looks including; t-shirts, polo’s and sweats and the ever so iconic Diadora track jacket and Sundek board shorts with the matching Camaro hero styles finishing off the outfits.

Both looks consist of a prominently white colour way and also a blue, with vibrant colours seen striped across the front of the track tops and shorts, these both perfect for those sunny summer days and finally an excuse to get those legs out.

Now available at end clothing, go and check it out, its never to early get your summer wardrobe ready

The tale behind today’s post, is like the plot of a film. Two strangers who just so happen to work next door to each other, strike up a conversation one day and from this conversation one thing leads to another and …..

Now, those two strangers just happened to be the cobbler in chief of one of the UK’s best known and respected footwear brands. The other one of the world’s most highly acclaimed photographers View Post

Today is World Oral Health Day, OK so maybe not Christmas or Easter, but still an event day that should catch our attention. Particularly, when recent studies have uncovered such mouth dropping statistics as less than half of the UK population brush their teeth twice a day, despite 34% of us being worried about our smile.

Oral hygiene experts are encouraging us to pay more attention to the quality of their teeth cleaning routine. World Oral Health Day encourages us to take better care of our mouths as poor oral health can lead to chronic bad breath, heart disease, or in some cases, cancer. However, many people will be focused on the aesthetics of their teeth, not the health aspect that is so crucial.

By using a charcoal toothpaste you can combat both oral hygiene and keeping those pearly whites super shiny bright. Dublin based, Beverly Hills Formula is one of the longest and most trusted whitening brands on the market, having been formulated in California and then in 1992 the brand was later established in Ireland. Today, Beverly Hills Formula leads the way with their innovative Professional White and Perfect White range of whitening toothpastes and mouthwash.

Black Pearl, and the original black toothpaste Perfect White Black, are non-abrasive and contain Activated Charcoal, an effective and safe way to clean and whiten teeth which also helps combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath.

You can also try the award-winning Perfect White Black mouthwash. The first of its kind black ‘shake to activate’ mouthwash has been scientifically formulated to combat bad breath using Activated Charcoal, which for centuries was used as a method of whitening teeth and medicine by the Egyptians and Greeks.

The title of, coolest city in the world, is a hotly contested and high debated prize, New York, or more currently Brooklyn, of cour se, London, Tokyo, Manchester, Stockholm, but often people in the know are citing Berlin for its trendy Arts, architecture, restaurants, general culture, and of course Fashion. Its reputation as a fashion Mecca is becoming more and more prominent because of its nature in producing great contemporary and, genuinely interesting brands.

One such brand being, GmbH. GmbH – a suffix used in Germany to denote a company of Limited liability, was launched in 2016 by designers Serhat Isik and photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby. GmbH is a collective that utilises deadstock material from high-end Melanese factories.

Sustainability is an important part of their ethos, key styles are made from various debt stock fabrics and accessories from reclaimed leather as part of an ongoing partnership with outswear brand Hallie Hanson jackets up cycled and re-designed to create colourblocked versions with X exaggerated proportions in khaki, royal blue and white. This stance is a real comment on the fashion industry’s affair with overconsumption inspired by Berlin’s renowned club scene, the labels youthful DNA takes its cues from sportswear to create off duty pieces including trousers T-shirts tops and jackets in a variety of fabrics from PVC to velvet.

This season Matchesfashion.com has partnered with GmbH to launch their Spring Summer 18 collection highly influenced by the underground clubs culture of their native Berlin garments are created as a workwear infusion take on modern streetWEAR. For this season the brand continue to combine elements of utility and street with the theme of European migration and influence on their design fleece jackets loosefitting bowling shirts and high waisted denim trousers, adorned with high duties it heavy duty zips and utilitarian pockets tightfitting lycra and ripped loop back J Jersey crafted into highly relevant desirable longsleeved separates.