When you think of Ireland, what comes into your head? Guinness, the Craic, green rolling fields, Father Ted, U2, shamrock, literature giants like Joyce, Behan, Yeats, Wilde, maybe diddly diddly music. But I guarantee trainers or sneakers certainly wouldn’t be at the top of your list, well that might well be about to change, let us introduce you to KING OF SOLES.

Glenn Heaslip is the Mastermind behind Ireland’s first Sneaker brand, King of Soles dreamed up over three years ago while he was bartending for half minimum wage in Spain, working 16 hour shifts, and getting one day off a month. He returned back to his Mammy in County Cavan for Christmas 2013, with €700 to his name and his trusted laptop all time this concept was bubbling and festering in his mind for years. It was reignited when he read a piece on the businesses with the highest mark ups, and thought the shoe industry was obscene in terms of how much and how regularly they overcharge customers. Glenn sat down made accounts on ebay and other local classified ads sites and started ordering all sorts of stuff wholesale, from facial toners, to robot hoovers to jerseys, vaporizers, you name it he sold it. All the time with this concept burning a hole in his head.

He was also inspired by graffiti & spray painted custom shoes. He’d seen spray painted shoes selling at €300 a pair, was impressed but always thought to himself, the spray paint will inevitably one day crack and the integrity of the design ruined. As Glenn himself says, “I wanted custom shoes but I wanted the design to last. I also thought people should be getting these shoes much cheaper, and much better quality, the design patterns should be printed into a leather fabric, not sprayed onto it.”

Having worked on the shoes for over 3 years now, perfecting them, every time he’d get a sample made, Glenn would see room for potential improvement. The ethos behind the business is simple, “Very few people can say that they have bought a nice looking pair of shoes for an affordable price and that they have lasted years. King Of Soles will provide shoe quality that will allow you to stay out of the shoe stores for a long time. Unlike brands that mass-manufacture low quality products in wasteful factories, at King Of Soles we believe everyone should have access to beautiful, affordable shoes that last a lifetime.” Says Heaslip, “I’m selling Hightops made from Premium Action Leather Upper, with a Mesh Lining, Chambray Insole, TPR Outsole, and each Pair comes with a set of Custom Screw On Lace Tips, with King Of Soles and the Crown, laser etched onto them. All of this at €70 per Pair! Also my Screw On Lace Tips, screw directly onto the lace, and are tightened with the included screwdriver.Whereas others, have a tube which slides over the lace, and the Lace Tip screws onto the tube. Of course what happens is the tube just slides off and both are lost, that’ll never happen with mine!” Well you can’t argue with him and like many of his countrymen he has the gift of the gab.

The first designs are available to pre-order from 27th February include the Chemp Shoe (Che Guevara + Hemp Material = Chemp Shoe), hightops – PacAttack and Rasta.

Bennett Winch was foundered in 2014 by Robin Bennett and Robin Winch, with a philosophy of producing timeless accessory pieces that have a relaxed elegance and put emphasis on a refined aesthetic, considered design and hard-wearing construction. Committed to these core principles, Bennett Winch produce bags with a classic, understated exterior while building in unique functionality inspired by the many and varied demands of modern life. Each item is created by hand exclusively in England from a selection of fine materials including 24oz bonded waterproof canvas, full grain veg-tanned leather and solid brass finishing. These components are put into the hands of skilled craftspeople who employ traditional techniques to carefully create every piece.

Created with travel in mind, the Weekender is Bennett Winch’s signature bag. Ideal for a long weekend away, it can just as easily accommodate the essentials for an entire week’s travel, with a thoughtfully-conceived interior comprising a series of functional pockets and compartments. A padded laptop sleeve ensures your computer is carried securely, while two separate waterproof compartments provide ample room for shoes, gym gear or anything else that needs keeping separate from your belongings. Classic yet modern, the Weekender combines a refined aesthetic with the utmost functionality.

The whole trend of dressing your offspring in a similar vein to yourself is no new trend, in fact this lil Fashion fad was particularly popular in the Victorian era, where the notion of dressing children like parents offered much mirth and merriment to them.

So in this modern social media obsessed time, it should offer no surprise and that it was only a matter of time that this trend was to come back round again, with brands from River Island to Asos jumping on the Daddy/Son dressing choo choo train.

With this in mind and following the successful launch of boohookids back in tail end of last year, that boohooman.com have launched a dedicated ‘boys’ category online targeting a younger demographic. The expansion assists the site in delivering a one stop destination offering fashion targeting men of all ages now big and small.
The collection is available in sizes 5–12yrs mirroring the mainline range in its’ trend led, fast fashion products in an array of styles and colourways. The collection is made up of age appropriate clothing, footwear and accessories, but at its heart the range still a holds boohoo’s ideology of delivering trend led fashion at highly competitive prices with new styles dropping daily, while maintaining a youthful, fun vibe.

Slowly and really rather stealthily Debenhams have been creating, what can only be classed as, a real niche in the menswear market for stylish, affordable men’s attire. Of course they have the wonderfully suave Hammond &Co by the equally suave Patrick Grant, but their other menswear collections have upped their anti in reason seasons, including J by Jasper Conran and Rocha John Rocha. This season they are joined by Racing Green exclusively at Debenhams.

Founded in 1990, the name Racing Green derives from ‘British Racing Green’ the colour made famous by the iconic British motor racing team of the 1900s. The team competing in the legendary Gordon Bennett cup begrudgingly took a green livery for their race cars, as red, white and blue were being used by America, Germany and France.

Rather than grumble, the British team turned circumstance to their advantage and their predicament into pride. By the time steely Selwyn Edge won the cup in a British-made green Napier in 1902, British Racing Green had become much more than just a colour. British Racing Green had become a symbol of victory.

They have always taken pride in keeping the spirit of racing history alive. Today Racing Green means classic British menswear made for the modern man.The brand focuses on contemporary designs and colour is key in the collection, from vibrant primary shades to softer pastel tones; styles are both affordable and attainable.

With the introduction of these new products from ManCave we see their range growing to a total of 15 products. With these new products being introduced ManCave are breaking into the Sensitive Skin Care sector, don’t worry Guys… we all have a sensitive side, a new area of the men’s grooming market for the brand. The range features a Sensitive Moisturiser & Senitive Face Wash, with luxury ingredients including Cucumber, White Tea, Nordic Cotton & Aloe Vera. After the previous success of premium fragrances such as Blackspice, Cedarwood and Lemon & Oak, ManCave have also developed an additional scent exclusively for the new Sensitive Skincare collection. Woodsman is a fresh and woody fragrance developed with sensitive skin in mind.

The Sensitive Face Wash, soothes irritated skin, removes oil and grime and cleanses and purifies Sensitive Skin. With the new “Woodsman” fragrance, this skin friendly Face Wash provides a gentle, cleanse, which detoxifies and nourishes your skin without causing irritation yet effectively removes dirt and debris. A delicate blend of Cucumber, Aloe Vera, White Tea and Vitamin E make the Sensitive Face Wash ideal for even the most Sensitive Skin and a must have addition to your grooming routine.

Whereas, the Sensitive moisturiser Hydrates and Soothes Sensitive Skin, as you would expect, tames Redness and irritation. The Moisturiser is specifically formulated with skin-friendly ingredients such as Nordic Cotton and Shea butter to gently soothe and hydrate your skin, reducing discomfort and leaving your skin revitalised. Whilst White Tea and Vitamin E provide protection, Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties. This coupled with cooling Aloe and Brown Seaweed should provide you the ultimate in refreshment and rehydration.

Stylish Parisian brand Editions M.R was founded by childhood friends, Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane. The label epitomises that nonchalant, off-duty Parisian dressing. Garments are made to withstand the test of time with an emphasis on classic, beautifully constructed wardrobe staples that effortlessly coalesce style and functionality.

This season they have taken inspiration from a maritime setting – in particular the contrasting worlds of the ocean and the port. A renewed emphasis on functionality is obvious with pieces built to withstand the sun and the sea. Suede military jackets and denim sailor shirts are collection highlights that capture the mood perfectly. Other stand-out pieces include high-waisted naval trousers and a revere collar shirt adorned in nautical stripes.
Print is an overriding aesthetic to the collection with camouflage and floral motifs appearing across jersey as well as tailoring. The colour pallet serves to compliment this with natural tones of stone, powder blue, navy and white.

The brand have partnered with the global luxury-shopping destination MATCHESFASHION.COM to launch in the U.K. Damien Paul, Head of Menswear, MATCHESFASHION.COM had this to say of the partnership. “AtMATCHESFASHION.COM we pride ourselves in seeking out and championing new designers and labels of note. Editions M.R is a great addition to our offer; there is an understated nature to the collection which evokes leftfield masculinity with brilliant pieces that all work individually and would work within any man’s wardrobe. There is a real attention to detail and the collection benefits from the simple, clean lines and silhouette.’

The mornings and evenings are definitely getting lighter, and do you know what I’ll stick my neck out and say Spring is certainly in the air, in fact I’m sure I saw a daffodil the other day, although, it could have been a weed.
This Spring, Lab Series are being inspired by the sea, ocean waves and surfing by launching two new products in their Pro LS range. First, the PRO LS All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel builds into a powerful foaming lather perfect to cleanse the face and beard and rinses off easily. This cleanser gently, but deeply cleanses without disturbing pH or stripping moisture from the skin. Removes dead skin cells and impurities, as well as deeply purifies pores to help revitalise skin’s appearance. Nourishing agents help condition skin to leave it feeling smooth and looking refreshed.
Secondly, we have PRO LS All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel is a quick absorbing and lightweight moisturiser. Gel moisturising hydrators are utilised to instantly draw in, retain and lock in moisture to maintain hydration levels while also calming and soothing the skin with an immediate cooling sensation. Oil absorbing powder instantly eliminates surface shine leaving skin looking mattified with a shine-free finish.Both are quick and easy to use while also delivering multiple high performance benefits.