For all his swagger,  bravado and pure Yeah let’s ave it ! Our Liam has always been a trend setter, and maybe after the One Love Manchester Concert last weekend, see above, we can add a Heart of Gold to that roster. Mr Gallagher junior has built up quite the reputation for fashion empire building on the side with his Pretty Green brand and after wearing this Sassafras Leaf Bud Coat from Oi Polloi, the aforementioned item sold out within an hour off the website!!! But after observing his appreciation for colour and wearing it so well, maybe Liam has stuck a blow for Orange being the colour of Summer 2017, what do you think ?

Retro Rooltop Bag by Poler at The Idle Man

Leather card holder by Aspinal of London

Cardigan by John Smedley at

Swimshorts by Marks & Spencer

AdidasBermuda Trainers from Oi Polloi

T-Shirt by TOPMAN

Camden leather Business Card case by Tumi

Kensington fit Single Breasted suit by Paul Smith

Heron Preston x DSNY sweatshirt

With Father’s Day a little over a week away, we thought the launch of the French Fragrance house, Azzaro‘s new men’s scent was timely but more so is its backstory for the inspiration behind the fragrance. Founder of the brand, the late, Loris Azzaro shared two great loves, the first his close relationship with his grandson Romain and his attachment to the Mediterranean Sea were the sources of inspiration. With Chrome Pure the driving force behind it, is to reconnect with these two major inspirations: the undeniable bond between a father and his son, and the sense of escapism conveyed by Chrome’s symbolic freshness.

This was the brief set for the creators of this new scent, perfumers Jacques Huclier and Olivier Pescheux, who have been responsible for such iconic aromas as Davidoff Horizon and Thierry Mugler A*Men. In the tradition of Chrome, Chrome Pure focuses on special bonds such as that between a father and his son witnessed during spontaneous moments, instances when time seems to stand still, magical everyday interludes that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Messers Huclier and Pescheux have done a sterling job in recreating the scent of Fresh long Summer days and the memories created during this time. A citrus-oriental-woody fragrance, Chrome Pure revisits Chrome’s emblematic freshness, creating a more textured and vibrant feel, with the addition of two new ingredients: The spicy-woody accents akigala wood and tonka bean join the white musks and mate leaves of the original version. Chrome Pure is a crisp fragrance, synonymous with purity, combined with a real feeling of vibrant freshness and strength, structured around sun-kissed moments.

Taken from the Latin interpretation of “For us”, Nobis, prides itself on catering for your needs whatever the elements may throw at us, which is particularly useful with the Great British weather at the moment when we can experience all four seasons in just one day. Staying true to its Canadian Heritage,  Nobis offers a premium selection of versatile performance outerwear and headwear, adapted for today’s ever-changing global seasons.

Working on the principle of fusing Fashion and Function, they craft outerwear that defines a new era in luxury. Nobis’ technology ensures products are triple action to uniquely guaranteeing they are waterproof, windproof, and breathable, so minimising heat loss while maintaining breathability.

Now available in over 40 countries, the brand has come a long way, from its humble outdoor Toronto heritage in little over a decade. It takes performance textiles and technological innovations for outerwear and applies them to stylish silhouettes that defy tricky fashion trends and offers you  timeless pieces that can take you anywhere, moving you from country to town seamlessly.

For 2017 Nobis offers headwear which is complimentary to each and every jacket in their collection, the carefully constructed earth-tone items draws from nature’s greatest attributes; applying new textures such as velour, wool, and reverse denim detailing to them.

Ever since its launch back in 1964, Aramis has prided itself on being the fragrance that expresses all a man is. Classic, yet distinctly masculine, this warm woody fragrance and grooming collection have for over 50 years been ‘first among men’. Pioneered the prestige men’s grooming market with exclusive fragrances and skin care products for men. It was the first-ever men’s scent to be sold in department stores. Over the years, it has given birth to the successful Gentleman Collection and Lab Series for Men lines, but the original classic still enjoys a dedicated following today and is sold in more than 120 countries and territories worldwide.

Aramis has continued to attract new fans with each generation with an assortment of grooming products custom-made for men only. This year sees, Aramis introduces two new additions to complete its top to toe regime and complement such projects as its 24hr Reactivating Antiperspirant Spray, Advanced Moisturising After Shave Balm and Protein Enriched Thickening Shampoo. These are the Aramis Deodorising Body Spray and Aramis Enriched Lather Shave. The body sprays offers all day protection against odour for the man that’s on the go. Of course with the scent of Aramis in an all-over deodorising body spray featuring the sophisticated blend of leather, sage and sandalwood. Spray Aramis EDT on top for a longer lasting effect. The Enriched Lather Shave is a modern texture transforms into a rich & enveloping lather; effectively cleansing impurities for a refreshed and clean feel, while providing a dense cushion, for ease of shaving all with the light classic Aramis scent.


Berlin has become renowned as a culturally cool city and with that comes a pretty epic shopping experience.
A city that’s always changing, where art, shops and venues can appear in a night and be gone the next morning. Although forever changing it is also a city with a unique history and blended with the new and evolving it creates one of THE cultural hubs for Europe.

1) Soto – Situated in the heart of Berlin, it opened it’s doors back in 2010, Selling a mixture of designers from America, Europe and Asia it’s aim is to dress the modern man. Containing a mix of fashion future, essentials and classics there’s something for everyone.

2) Voo – Housed in a former locksmiths it’s a concept store like no other (it even has a courtyard out front). The store itself translates it’s “personal vision” of Berlin and is filled with Womenswear menswear as well as home-wear. With exposed walls, it’s all about the product than the aesthetic. Voo has a massive A-Z of desginers from Craig Green to Wood Wood.

3) Andreas Murkudis – After spending 15 years directing a museum Andreas opened up his own store in 2003, wanting to create a “museum-like atmosphere” the concept store houses a unique and outstanding collection of products that are very carefully curated.

4) Temporary Showroom – This concept store prides itself of blending fashion forward designers and the up and coming. Unlike the name suggests this store isn’t temporary at all, and is not just a store but a PR Company too. With a gallery aesthetic and stocking brands like Y-3, Han Kjobenhavn and Reebok it’s well worth a visit.