If I said Victorinox to you, you’d be forgiven if you said, sorry who ? Now if I said Swiss Army Knife, of course everyone knows Swiss Army Knifes and either has, had or hankers after one. Now did you know Victorinox produces and sells unique, high quality products worldwide which are of practical use in differing areas of life: Cutlery, Watches, Travel Gear, Apparel and Fragrances. The head office of the company is in Ibach, Schwyz, in the heart of Switzerland. This is where the founder of the company Karl Elsener first set up his cutler’s business in 1884 and, a few years later, designed the legendary Original Swiss Army Knife.

And god you also know that Victorinox Swiss Army has been producing precision instruments for over 25 years. These timepieces, manufactured in the new Victorinox watchmaking competence center in Delémont, in the Swiss Jura, combine timelessness, reliability and functionality. Thanks to the brand’s uncompromising commitment to quality and attention to detail, Victorinox Swiss Army watches perpetuate the vision introduced by its founder over a century ago and establish themselves as objects capable of meeting the most demanding requirements.

The latest edition to the Swiss Family Victorinox is the the I.N.O.X Carbon. Made from a carbon resin composite that has protected space shuttles from reentry temperatures in excess of 1,260°C, it fearlessly heads for elevated performance levels. Durable materials and construction join forces with dependable functionality. The Victorinox Swiss Army flagship collection reinforces its relentless commitment to simultaneously measuring and defying time.

The I.N.O.X. Carbon combines extremely high structural rigidity with scratch resistance and hypoallergenic properties. A total of 130 homologation tests are the first milestone facing I.N.O.X. timepieces. In the I.N.O.X. Carbon, the seal of quality finds clear expression via a monobloc dial with stamped markers and digits to ensure shock resistance. Its striking case gets extra shielding on everyday adventures from a transluscent grey, removable bumper. A Naimakka paracord attachment is an adventure-loving alternative to a genuine rubber strap, both in black. Traditionally used for parachute suspension lines, and with a breaking strength of 250 kg, the multi-strand nylon cord is permanently ready for 24/7 action.

Meticulous details are the undisputed building blocks of perfection. From the red military time printed beneath the crystal, to the subtle marbled effect affording each piece intrinsic uniqueness, the I.N.O.X. Carbon stays true to the quest. The watch’s dense, matt black appearance makes a sleek modern statement, hinged on an industrial inspiration: a visible link between the proven Victorinox pioneering spirit and a high-tech present and future. Innovation is never a final destination. It’s a borderless map.


We all want to look our best, and whilst clothes definitely do make the man, the way you look after yourself plays a major part too. With a solid grooming regime, we can all make the most of what we’ve got in any situation, from work to play.

From sporting an on-trend cut to looking after your hands, we’ve got five top tips to get you looking your best at all times.

Hair: Once you’ve had your hair professionally cut it’s down to you to keep it looking cool. That’s where using the right hair products come in. Whereas thick hair can handle heavier products like wax, you’ll want to go for lighter sprays, gels and mousses for thin hair. It’s all about research (feel free to ask your barber here) and finding the best thing to keep your locks tidy and sleek. Got long hair? There’s nothing more stylish than keeping it under control in a man bun.

Face: You need a two pronged attack here – scrub and soothe. When it comes to the scrubbing, a quality exfoliator will get rid of flaky skin, clear up your complexion and even help you get a better shave. You don’t want to do it every day though, every other will do. Regular moisturising is another vital component of any grooming regime, as it’ll keep you looking young and fresh-faced. Invest in a specialist eye serum or cream to get rid of those tell-tale bags too.

Beard: Beards are in, there’s no doubt about it, but yours will only look good if it’s well maintained. A weekly trim at the least is necessary, and more often if you grow hair quickly, so that means investing in a good beard trimmer. Keep an eye on the shape of your beard too, but keep it as natural as you can. Take the lines too high or low and it’ll be obvious that you’re trying too hard.

Stray hairs: Being hairy isn’t a bad thing. That is, if you keep things under control! Don’t miss stray hairs by focussing on the main areas; keep an eye out for wispy bits around your ears, nose and on the back of your neck. Check between the eyes too. Monobrows are typically not considered a good look – don’t be afraid to ask your barber to give them a re-shape when you’re in, as they’re more than used to it.

Nails: Your hair is coiffed, your beard’s looking neat and your skin is smooth, so everything is in order. Almost everything, that is. There’s no point doing all of the above and having scraggy hands with rough old nails and flaky skin. Trim your nails regularly and keep your hands in great shape by getting rid of dead skin and moisturising, just like you do with your face. When it comes to nails it’s best to clip after a bath or shower, as the warm water will soften them in preparation.

As with anything to do with looking good, it’s all about a little prep and a plan. Now you’ve got our top grooming tips you can put them into practice and maintain your cool every day.

Words by Keanu Adorable

For some unknown reason the bowling shirt has had a bad rep for a while now. Similar to the Hawaiian shirt, the item has been associated with interesting personalities— from Charlie Sheen’s rude and crude character from Two and a Half Men (who had a whole collection of atrocious tops) to the eccentric crew from The Big Lebowski who are synonymous with short-sleeved embroidered button-ups.

Loose and easy, with a casual spread-collar, the bowling shirt sums up the relaxed, sleazy-chic is making a strong comeback this summer, with the 1950s trend that seems to be everywhere for spring, bowling-style shirts have been hugely popular on the streets of Milan and Paris during the SS17 fashion weeks.

Bowling shirts are typically cut wide and boxy but don’t let that put you off, oversized fits are a solid style move. Lightweight fabrics and a breezy, open cut make the shirt a great choice for hot spring/summer weather, hopefully, which explains the popularity with the fashionistas… and also tourists, two demographic you don’t often associate together. They’re traditionally produced with drab colorways and team embroidery on the chest, but most people seem to be going for nostalgic oriental designs — orchids, tigers, dragons, etc — and many contemporary labels are producing minimal versions too.

The fashionista illuminati has, naturally, splashed out on luxe garms from the likes of Gucci, Prada and Valentino. More accessible labels have hopped on to the trend too, and there’s nothing stopping you diving into your local charity shop/thrift store or eBay if you’re feeling sensible, financially.

The notion of wearing glasses because you need to is increasingly becoming antiquated. Many people nowadays wear clear lens frames for reasons as diverse as they want to be taken more seriously in the workplace to more vein reasons like, it finishes off a look they are trying to achieve and Specs can really reflect different personalities and be a statement of individuality. I mean to be completely honest, it’s never been easier.

A new brand who aim to offer a whole new experience in buying affordable, high-quality glasses online is ‘eyedoo’ (eyedoo.co.uk) They offer consumers a unique, simple and convenient way to buy prescription glasses and sunglasses online and if that wasn’t good enough reason they will donate 5% of every purchase to Vision Care for Homeless People. A charity set up to provide eyecare services to homeless and other vulnerable people in an accessible and friendly environment in which they feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

eyedoo offers a wide range of designer styled frames, an experienced prescription lens service and fast ordering, which even includes a unique next day delivery option. The high-quality frames have a simple pricing structure with all styles costing just £49 per pair, including single vision lenses.

Ordering online couldn’t be simpler, with an easy-to-browse collection of designer styled frames, including a range of prescription polarised sunglasses at just £75 complete, plus an innovative 3D try on function and style assistant.

eyedoo will also send up to four different frames to any address in the UK, so those who are undecided can try them on in the comfort of their own home before making their final decision.What could be easier when buying glasses online? Enjoy the convenient ordering process, with no add on costs or extras, while helping homeless people with their vital vision correction needs.

We do seem to be doing a pretty bad job of looking after our planet at the moment and I mean it is the only one we’ve got. The polar caps are breaking, even though some people would tell your differently, we seem to be edging closer to international conflict by the day and countless animals are on the endangered list including African and Asian Elephants, Lion, Blue Whales and Tigers !

Someone who is trying to do something to make the world a better place, particularly with regard to the last matter is Mike Swig co-founder of Endangered Apparel. Who as well as trying to do the right thing, is encouraging us to purchase some rather stylish apparel, which can not only makes us look but feel better too, in knowing we are helping worthwhile projects, as for every item sold they donate 20% to a corresponding animal sanctuary, working to the idea “One Shirt. One Donation.”

Mike has been surrounded by nature ever since he was a young child. He grew up in a neighborhood encompassed by wildlife and nature. His love for animals and nature continued to grow while traveling to over 60 countries around the world. On his journey he has been able to visit multiple animal sanctuaries and develop his knowledge and compassion for animals and endangered species. While on this journey, Mike thought of the idea to start a brand to help endangered animals. After discussing the idea with Branon, his co-founder, Endangered Apparel was formed.

The guys have spent a lot of time researching the best sanctuaries around the world and have selected four great ones to support!
The Elephant Sanctuary-The Elephant Sanctuary is located in Tennessee. It was founded in 1995 and is America’s largest natural habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered African and Asian elephants.

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF)- is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park- (Giant Panda Conservation) The world’s largest museum and research complex. The Smithsonian includes 18 museums and galleries, as well as the National Zoo. Watch the Panda Cam here to see the pandas you are directly helping!

Big Cat Rescue- One of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats. Founded in 1992, they have helped save the lives of hundreds of cats and currently are caring for 80+ lions, tigers and cougars.

Their website is not only a place to purchase their goods but a great source of information without being too worthy or sanctimonious and includes such great articles on topics including, why is the Bumblebee now an endangered Species? To When to wear a slim fit Polo Shirt and five interesting facts about Koalas.

We haven’t heard much to note from the iconic British footwear brand Dr Martens of late, deciding to take their foot off the paddle when it comes to great Design lead Collaborations. Since the like of their amazing partnerships with the likes of A.Sauvage, RAF Simons and Yohji Yamamoto. But boy are they coming back with a bang for this season, first up they have launched a tie up with globally renowned & unique American apparel brand Engineered Garments.

Founded in 1999 by vintage-clothing-hoarder, Daiki Suzuki, Engineered Garments takes its name from a pattern maker’s comment that these clothes were more engineered than designed. Taking cues from his extensive archive of sportswear, workwear and highly-functional military garb, each piece from Engineered Garments has more details than you’d ever notice. For their Dr Martens project they have transformed the legendary low top ‘1461’ style, Suzuki incorporates an asymmetrical vamp and eyelets system. The concept has been built with the intention to fuse and craft the very essence of both brands through a unique design and premium lens.

Next up we see the fruits of their collaborative loins with the hottest thing in fashion right now, Demna Gvasalia’s Parisian fashion collective, Vetements. With their shared non-conformist attitude and appreciation of expert craftsmanship Gvasalia gas interpreted a 10-eye black leather boot with a side zip entry to keep the laceless look functional.

Have you not heard Art is the new Rock n Roll, it’s not about cool bands living the rock n roll lifestyle anymore, forget your 1975’s, Artic Monkeys or Vampire Weekend, yeah shove em out the hotel window with you TV, if you can get it off the wall. It’s all about your artists now, no not DiVinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, sorry I mean, Picasso, although he was very Rock n Roll. Art is where it’s at and the cutting edge of this is Street Art.

In homage to the new Masters New Look Men have teamed up with 4 street artists to create an 8 piece unique print capsule collection. The artists in question are Pistache, The Doodle Man, Si Mitchell and Mr Oliver Switch. Want to know a little more about these creative genii ?

Firstly, Pistache is an artist partnership between Nick and Jamie- two brothers who hand paint custom surfboards, skateboards, shoes, hats and murals for private clients. They also paint, draw, screen print, photograph, film and tattoo anything and anyone they can get their hands on.
Keeping things fresh and not being shackled to one style is at the heart of Pistache’s values. In their own words, “We’re also not too precious about the art we create, we just want it to find a good home with someone who loves it. What they do with it after that is up to them.”

Then we have, a crazy doodler from England, The Doodle Man’s work contains a mixture of characters, objects and patterns that contain influence from cereal boxes, video games and old cartoons. He describes his style as “Graffiti Spaghetti” because it twists and tangles over everything in its path. You can see most of Doodle Man’s work in London, climbing up walls in the form of murals or installations consuming the streets.

Next up we have Mr. Oliver Switch is a graffiti artist based in the UK. His work is principality comprised of photorealistic images blown up and distorted to surreal proportions. In his own (quite long) words: “If pressed for an explanation I’d have to say my work is an obfuscated mnemonic reportage and synaesthetic, paradolic divination via a tranderivational search of the preconscious, concerning psychonautic and sociodynamic investigations periodically through entheogenics, disassociatives, Thelemic and Discordian practices, lucid dreaming, neuro linguistics, philosophical thought experiments and theoretical physics, utilising contextual abstraction to communicate between subjectively and objectively referenced models of reality expressed through idiosyncratic semiotics in the medium of collage, ink, sketching and photorealistic aerosol paint techniques… but I can be a bit of a sesquipedalian git about this sort of self promotion.”

Finally, currently residing in Cambridgeshire, Si Mitchell describes himself as a PUNK artist. He is an accomplished illustrator with previous clients including Green Day, McFly, BBC and E4. His artwork is comical and colourful with loads of character and can also be found adorning the walls of London buildings as part of street art group Lost Souls.

In fact to launch this arty collaboration they held a unique instillation with The Doodle Man in their Oxford Street flagship store window on Saturday where he doodled live for, a staggering, 8 hours !!!