Words by Keanu Adorable

Trainers have evolved from just being athletic gear that aims to improve performance in our active life, in fact, there are now an abundance of high-fashion kicks available these days than ever. But running on a shoe made from Italian suede isn’t the most practical choice when you’re trying to burn all your calories off in the gym.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should keep using your beaten up stinky pair of trainers that you’ve been hiding in your cupboard for the past decade. That’s why we here Clothes Make The Man has done the hard work and found 6 of the best trainers that can boost your performances and fitness, and will look great when you decide to rock them out in non-gym settings.

Adidas PureBoost DPR 

Adidas Pureboost DPR Running Shoes

Unlock your running potential in these men’s Pure Boost DPR trainers from Adidas. Equipped with energy-returning Boost tech for swifter, more efficient running, the knit upper contours to your foot, delivering adaptable, breathable comfort with every transition. Featuring a traditional tongue, the DPR has an 8mm heel-to-toe offset that brings you closer to the ground during your run.

Saucony Freedom ISO

Saucony Freedom ISO Trainers

The Saucony Freedom ISO trainers provide protection for long runs, maintain a light and responsive ride at fast paces, while still being a good choice for easy recovery runs. The Freedom ISO’s innovative full Everun midsole and ISO fit upper make this elusive experience possible. This shoe really does it all.

Nikelab Gyakusou Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2

Part of Nike x Undercover’s latest ‘Gyakusou’ collection, these sneakers are made from breathable Flyknit that has a snug, slip-on construction. The Flywire technology provides a flexible yet locked-in fit, while the foam Lunarlon mid-layers offer responsive cushioning and all-day comfort. Sectioned rubber outsoles are pressure-mapped to feet in motion, absorbing impact where you need it most.

APL Prism

Athletic Propulsion Labs’ ‘Prism’ sneakers are designed for maximum flexibility and comfort. Cleverly constructed to hold your foot in a natural position for safe and efficient running, this pair is set on a cushioning Propelium™ sole and has an internal mesh slip for ventilation. The reflective overlays enhance visibility during dusk or dawn jogs.

Reebok Print Smooth

The Print Smooth is the latest model in Reebok’s running stable, featuring a sleek outsole design with a stylish lifestyle-relevant silhouette. Aimed at the everyday runner who wants a versatile shoe with a striking visual aesthetic, these are ideal for light runs and run-led fitness training.

Asics MetaRun

Asics MetaRun Running Sneakers

This pair of trainers were designed for runners looking for high cushioning and stability, packed with new and advanced technology to deliver exactly that. The cushioning comes from the midsole – constructed from ASICS’ FlyteFoam which offers pillow-like cushioning that bounces back to its original shape to retain its plush feel and are 55% lighter than the industry standard.

Obsessed Calvin Klein PerfumeObsession by Calvin Klein was and still is iconic in every way, shape and form. It was a fragrance that completely summed up a period of time. In 1993, a certain Kate Moss, who was THE Supermodel at that time, became the fragrance’s face. She was 18 years old when her then boyfriend, MARIO SORRENTI, aged 20, shot her for the campaign.

Kate Moss Calvin Klein

Sorrenti already displayed prodigious talent as a photographer, while Moss was fast becoming not just a model, but a star. CALVIN KLEIN himself, having been shown some of Sorrenti’s informal holiday photography of Moss by the uber-art director Fabien Baron, sent the couple away alone, to the Virgin Islands.
They were asked to replicate the intimacy and informality of the earlier photography for OBSESSION; there was no photographic team, no hair and make-up crew and no art directors present.
The ground-breaking and provocative imagery that ensued reflected the couple’s real love story; besides portraying a mutual flourishing of first love, the images also reveal an obsession with both a subject and a medium by the photographer.

Kate Moss Calvin KleinAs the legendary campaign approaches its 25th anniversary, the House of Calvin Klein finds itself with a new, Chief Creative Officer, in the shape of Belgian design phenomena, RAF SIMONS.

Who believes now is the right time for the re-invention of an iconic fragrance. OBSESSED plays on the evocation of memory through scent. Mixing memory and desire, masculine and feminine, the past and the present, these compelling fragrances echo the original OBSESSION, yet blur and reformulate scents for both men and women today.

As Simons states, “I suppose you could say we were obsessed by OBSESSION. If one thing summed up CALVIN KLEIN for us visually, it was Mario Sorrenti’s OBSESSION campaign with Kate Moss. It lived in our heads for so many years and became a touchstone of sensuality when we arrived at CALVIN KLEIN. We thought about a scent that could reflect such an idea of memory and desire for today. Of male and female, of the memory of somebody else on your skin.”

Kate Moss Calvin KleinAs part of the campaign to promote this fragrance OBSESSED utilises never before seen imagery from that time and personal biography to further explore and evoke the idea of memory, past love and present iconography.  As the first fragrance formulated and promoted under RAF SIMONS as Chief Creative Officer of CALVIN KLEIN, OBSESSED can be seen as a celebration of CALVIN KLEIN fragrances past, present and future. OBSESSED is about how memory, the sensual and the visual intertwine today.

OBSESSED FOR MEN is an Oriental Woody Amber fragrance with top notes of Oro Blanco Grapefruit Sichuan Pepper Black Cardamom. Leading into Cedar Leaves Labdanum Firnat Blonde Leather and finally dry Patchouli Cœur Black Vanilla Infusion Ambrox Super. A compelling heart of Black Vanilla is sophisticatedly structured with dark, dimensional woods, providing the tension between a feminine melodiousness and masculine strength. Ambrox elegantly cuts through all, lending a sleek and contemporaneous edge.

Obsessed Calvin Klein Perfume

Words by Charlie Britton
Photography by Keanu Adorable

It’s safe to say that Vans is one of the most renowned skate brands in the world to date. Since it’s birth in 1966, Vans has gone on to grow into a powerful and respected player in the menswear game and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Collaborations, limited releases and reinventions of the classics are just a few things that Vans manages to do consistently well and it has proven that once again with its most recent collection.

To celebrate Vans’ success and in collaboration with Farfetch, here at Clothes Make The Man we’ve worked to put 3 outfits together that anyone can pull off with a pair of the classic skate shoes. As the great British summer is here in full hormonal force, it would only be right to work with the warmer weather and produce three summery’ outfits you can rock right now.

The Vans we chose are the Classic White Old Skool 36 DX shoes, made in the original Anaheim factory in California. They combine a modernised comfort with the UltraCush inner sole, original Old Skool design and throwback details including the original colour palette and heavy 10 oz. canvas to complete the shoe. White shoes or sneakers are so versatile when it comes to styling, so we couldn’t resist picking these ones out.

Outfit 1

The first outfit is definitely a casual one perfect for day-to-day wear. Combining soft colours such as this pale blue sweatshirt from COS, raw hem dirty blue wash jeans and a simple white tee to break the colours, we managed to achieve a flattering and simple look. Paired with the Old Skool Vans, it completes the fit and makes for some nice contrasting details. This is Charlie’s favourite fit for everyday wear as it’s stylish but simple and can be changed up easily with different coloured sweats and bottoms. If skinny jeans aren’t your style, throw on some slim-fit chinos or jeans and you’re good to go.

vans old skool outfit menswear

Vans old skool outfit menswear

Outfit 2

It wouldn’t be summer appropriate if we didn’t feature an outfit featuring a good ol’ pair of shorts. Despite Charlie’s dislike towards knee length bottoms, this outfit definitely captures a sweet summers day. With this style, Charlie threw on a black hemp tee which allows heat to escape, perfect for the warm weather days and paired it with some smart cotton shorts from H&M. The Vans really complete this look and act as a subtle but statement piece for the fit.

We included some nice details with this outfit too by adding a black tote bag, some Classic 108 sunnies from YSL and a Simple Navy Key Wrap from Campbell Cole. This created some interesting touches and we’re thrilled with the final outcome from this fit. You can put your legs away now Charles.

vans old skool outfit menswear

Outfit 3

For our third and final fit, we wanted to include some smarter elements such as these cropped grey trousers from H&M. Slim fitting, perfectly tailored and well constructed, these trousers are ideal for the warmer weather as they give your legs some breathing space and look great whatever the occasion. To provide the best contrast to the Vans sneakers, we threw on a heavy cotton, oversized, drop shoulder t-shirt in white. This fit is really great as it can be mixed up for any occasion. If you’re going smart-casual, swap out the tee for a white oxford shirt. Formal event? Switch out the vans for some chunky derby shows or slip on loafers and you’re set for whatever the world is gonna throw your way.

vans old skool outfit menswear

So there you have it, three outfits perfect for the summer season whatever the weather. Vans have proven to be not only iconic but a hugely versatile sneaker and we can’t get enough of this white Old Skool pair here at Clothes Make The Man. Affordable, easy to style and an obvious essential every gent needs in their wardrobe this summer, so make sure you pick up a pair!

We’ve all experienced this first world problem at some point. We are trying to work on our laptop/tablet/smartphone and either we’ve forgotten the charger, there isn’t a pug socket or our charger doesn’t fit the socket, Argh !!!!!

Well ARROE (pronounced “arrow”) think they may we’ll have the solution to the common, modern day problem. Based in London, ARROE was founded in order to solve the many problems facing the mobile office user/tech-heavy traveller. With a team of expert designers, directors, and engineers they developed a universal solution to a persistent problem: charging all your devices quickly and easily without taking up space. Thus came the world’s first smart laptop sleeve, charging devices everywhere, for everyone.

Now more than ever you need power that moves with you. ARROE has developed a better way, a stylish Laptop Charging Sleeve that can charge all your devices simultaneously wherever you are, allowing you you to finally free yourself from the wall socket.

LAER (pronounced “layer”) is a laptop sleeve designed to hold and charge a laptop (Mac or PC) as well as USB and wireless devices. The sleeve acts as a protective holder for your laptop and features a stylish nylon exterior. Inside is a thin rectangular insert featuring one Quick Charge USB A port, one QI wireless charging pad, one DC output, and two USB C in/out ports with variable voltage and dual-role capabilities. Using power path technology, LAER can simultaneously charge all connected devices and the internal battery from one outlet. Users can monitor battery levels, change voltage settings, and control all the ports from the easy to use ARROE app. ARROE have also partnered with TrackR to make LAER trackable.

Because of its modular design, the LAER insert can be easily removed and inserted into any other sleeve or bag designed to accommodate it.

Eoin Cooney, Managing Director (CEO) of ARROE describes it as;
Our product is the first of its kind, a portable laptop charging solution that can be used by everyone.
We faced constant challenges during the development process trying to keep the size, weight and price of the product down but we have an amazing team with lots of experience and that is what made all the difference. We want to create useful technology that will simplify the user’s life.”


The holiday season is upon us and we’re all hoping for a hot, steamy summer. But the heat can also bring trouble of the ‘hot and bothered’ kind. The kids have got an eternity off school and a lot of families find themselves thrown together on a holiday that is anything but stress-free!

Andy Cope is a happiness expert, yes that really ally does exist, and co-author of The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence: How to Flourish in a Crazy World. As a happiness expert (Andy Cope (see below) has been studying the science of happiness and well-being for 10 years), here he advises us on his top tips on how to retain your sanity and relationships in what I am hoping, for all our sakes, will be a long and glorious summer.

  1. It’s not about the money, honey

Almost too obvious to mention (common sense but not common practice) is the fact that happiness is more closely related to relationships than money. I appreciate that a lot of people want to take me to task on this, arguing they’d be happier if they won the lottery. And the short answer is, yes you would, for about 6 months, until the effect wears off. So a better long-term strategy is to spend time with people rather than in a Shopping Centre.

I know your brain will be screaming at me, but this means your holiday is not about the destination, it’s about the people.

  1. Going viral

Related to the above (because I know you need convincing), human beings are wired for emotional contagion. Your feelings and attitudes will spread. In holiday terms, if you have small children, they will be as happy in Whitby as they are in Mauritius. So long as you are!

Similarly, one negative family member will lower the tone of the entire holiday party. Make sure it’s not you!

  1. An attitude of gratitude

Related to the above, some have even attempted to put a monetary value on intangibles. According to an esteemed researcher at the University of London’s Institute of Education, here are some monetary values of happiness:

Seeing friends and relatives is equivalent to a pay rise of £64k a year

Chatting to nice neighbours is worth £37k a year

Getting married is worth £50k a year

And the biggy? Excellent health is estimated to be worth £300k a year to you

So whatever the summer brings you, be grateful.

  1. Happiness is Maximized at 57°F

Weird I know, but the American Meteorological Society found current temperature has a bigger effect on our happiness than variables like wind speed and humidity. It also found that happiness is maximized at 57 degrees (13.9°C), so, technically, you’re more likely to find it in Whitby than Mauritius.

  1. Stop musterbating

I’ve tried to cut down on my own musterbating and I think you should too. ‘Musterbating’ is when you turn things you’d like to have into things you absolutely MUST have. Every advert on the TV is designed to make you unhappy with what you currently own, luring you into the shops to spend money on products that will make you happy. And those products will make you happy, for an hour or two, until the next advert! This ‘must have’ society is driving us into debt! Here’s another list to write… the top 10 happiest moments of your life. I’ll wager that most of your top 10 happiest moments are ‘experiences’ rather than ‘products’. So, to squeeze more from your happiness pound, invest in experiences (and guess what a holiday is?)

  1. Outdoor pursuits

In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor recommends spending time in the fresh air to improve your happiness: “Making time to go outside on a nice day also delivers a huge advantage; one study found that spending 20 minutes outside in good weather not only boosted positive mood, but broadened thinking and improved working memory…”

A UK study from the University of Sussex also found that being outdoors made people happier: “Being outdoors, near the sea, on a warm, sunny weekend afternoon is the perfect spot for most. In fact, participants were found to be substantially happier outdoors in all natural environments than they were in urban environments.”

For the rest of us, we don’t need a university degree to know that fresh air – lots of it – makes us feel a hell of a lot better.

  1. Take a ‘Fakation’?

Yes, I made it up, because the science suggests that planning a trip, even if you don’t actually go on it, will make you happier. A study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life showed that the highest spike in happiness came during the planning stage of a holiday as people enjoy the sense of anticipation. In the study, the effect of vacation anticipation boosted happiness for eight weeks. After the holiday, happiness quickly dropped back to baseline levels for most people.

 It seems holidays are just one more thing to add to the list of things that you can fake.

  1. 5-3-2

A holiday brings families together, in close quarters for a week or two. You will start to notice things…little things… that make you want to strangle them.

Dr Amit Sood created something that sounds rather like a football team formation, what he terms the 5-3-2 technique. You must first consider five people that you’re grateful to have in your life (the likelihood is that they will be on holiday with you). Then, for the first three minutes treat them like a long lost friend and don’t judge anyone or try to improve them. And, says the doc, for the first two seconds when you see them, send them a silent ‘I wish you well’. It’s rather beautiful and the urge to strangle them just seeps away.

  1. The 7-second hug

This goes hand-in-hand with the above. I started delving into the research behind this and then thought, sod it, nobody cares what the stats say. Here’s the headline news – the average hug lasts just over 2 seconds. If you hang on for a full 7 seconds then oodles of nice warm chemicals flow around both bodies and the love is transferred. One word of advice, don’t count out loud while you’re doing the 7-second hug as it tends to spoil the effect.

  1. Be the Pied Piper of Happiness

Returning to the earlier point that your emotions are contagious – they leak out of you and ‘infect’ those around you. So, when you make the conscious choice to be positive and upbeat, it takes 4 minutes for other people to catch it too. So, top tip, be enthusiastic for 4 minutes and everyone else will feel great too!

This is especially important if you’re camping in the rain. It only takes one idiot (you!) to be enthusiastically jumping in puddles and, before you know it, the entire campsite is doing the same. When you are old and prune-like, you will look back on your life and realise that these ‘little moments’ were, in fact, the best bits of your life.

Andy Cope is co-author of The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence: How to Flourish in a Crazy World.  For more information see www.artofbrilliance.co.uk.