Put your best boot forward – Merrell Heritage Range

imageLet’s face it Merrell have always had a reputation for the great outdoors, you know,”With my rucksack on my back”. Don’t get me wrong amazingly comfortable, but a bit weekend walker, hills and valleys. And there’s nothing wrong with that, cos for more more than 20 years, Merrell has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality performance footwear. The brand can trace its roots back to 1981 and a custom pair of cowboy boots – yes, cowboy boots. A custom cowboy boot maker by the name of Randy Merrell (I promise I’m not making this up) decided to branch out and test his abilities on hiking boots. He built high quality, custom-made hiking boots at his home in Vernal, Utah using the same last that he used to make his American cowboy boots. Painstakingly crafted one pair at a time, the first custom Merrell boots cost over $500 and had a six-month waiting period.

imageThings have changed a lot for the brand, today, Merrell products are designed and built to perform for all those who recognise “the great outdoors” as a lifestyle. Men, women and children look to Merrell footwear to combine outdoor function and performance, progressive style and an independent design concept. It is this unique product point-of-view that now balances and blends comfortably into both natural and now urban landscapes.

imageMerrells are not just reserved for getting down and dirty for weekend activities, this is now a piece of footwear for a seven day week and you can throw anything at them and they’ll come back for more. This is illustrated in this season’s Heritage range where they really have ‘Re-booted’ their boots. This range offers guys a new range of footwear in four new styles that are more ‘hipster’ than hiker; providing all the functionality and practicality, you’d expect, of a comfortable, hi-tech walking shoe but combined with a whole new stylish look – ideal for any inner-city adventure.



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