Top 10 DIY Family Activities for Rainy Days – The Stylish Dad

For a while now, I’ve been asked about,  if and when I’d start doing Dad focuses posts and for some unknown reason,  I’ve resisted it. Even though all this time, since I launch Clothes-Make-the-Man I’ve been a sleep deprived Father, helping to raise our two crazy, amazing, bonkers, adorable little ones. So here we have it, the launch of The Stylish Dad, posts hopefully, dedicated to all the Dad’s out there, trying to do their best, in this crazy parenting world. Please don’t think I’m going to be just talking about Nappies, sleepless nights and kids activities from now on. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say there’s so much more to us then parent related issues. We are still the same people we were pre-kids, with pretty much the same likes and interests. OK sorry we talk about our lil’uns too much, it’s just I’m sure you’ll agree, their are the best thing ever and by far the best product we have ever produces. So without further ado, here is your first post, hope you find it helpful and it does the trick. Please come and say HI over at Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and let us know your thoughts @TheStylishDad

These ideas are from Hape, who specialise in toys that are environmentally friendly and help children develop keys skills. Obviously these 10 games are all free and easy to make at home.



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