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You know the scenario, we’ve all experienced it, your having a day, week, month from hell in work, you look out of the window, it’s grey, probably pouring down and you think to yourself, “Why am I doing this ? I could be lying on a sun kissed beach far away from all this”

Well the very same happened to two pals from London, one heavily involved in import and export for many high street brands, the other from a Fashion buying background, who were looking for an escape from the predictable working life. They decided to jet off to Rio to get away from it. On their arrival things quickly got messy-drinking Caipirinhas by the gallon, dancing on the tables, shots of Cacha├ža with the locals followed until the bar ran dry, we’ve all been their, actually, I wish I was their now.

imageThey soon discovered that, this year’s Olympic City, Rio, was a hotbed, literally, full of fun, colour, freedom and, other recreational past times, use your imagination. It was alive, from dawn til dusk, full of 24 hour party people. It was then in amongst the free spirited vibe they knew, Rio loved them & they loved Rio.

As the morning sun came rising up over the favelas, they strolled along Ipanema Beach and decided that it was time for a brand to exist that captured the fun and attitude of what they have just experienced.

imageThey would take the sites, sounds and flavours from Rio back to the UK to create a lifestyle brand reflective of their experiences and travels. Both guys loved Brazil for many reasons but they wanted to create a brand that had the happy, free-spirited vibe that brought the colourful life of Rio into clothing. Most importantly though they wanted to adopt the independent spirit of the people they had met who lived passionately, freely and confidently beyond the rules of society and Independent leaders was born.



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