URBAN BLUE Detox Clay Mask by LAB SERIES for Men

imageAir Pollution is on the rise, fact, and a part of urban living is, you are much more susceptible to and the effects of Air pollution. Over 50 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a percentage that is expected to increase to 66 percent by 2050. But we need to remember for all the disadvantages of City living its also packed with perks – culture, art, restaurants and diversity, just to name a few. But life’s all about balance and at the same time all the big city benefits, urban environments can wreak havoc on your skin.

This week see the launch of a new product, URBAN BLUE Detox Clay Mask, by those clever folk at LAB SERIES. We can’t forget that our skin needs a good detox every now and then.

What this new product does is to help detoxify skin from surface toxins and excess oil. The powerful and absorbing mask boasts a blend of clays, charcoal and other high performance ingredients. Each helps to decongest and unclog pores, reduce their appearance and absorb surface shine. Pores are instantly and deeply cleansed, removing any hardened sebum, dry skin cells, dirt, debris, toxins, and environmental pollutants. Skin is detoxed and left looking healthy, clean, and shine free.


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