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Tourne de transmission [TDT] started life in late 2013 as a t-shirt label and an outlet for the ideas, inspiration and experience of its Creative director & Founder Graeme Gaughan who used hand sourced vintage images and classic newspaper designs to create a range of unisex, premium quality graphic t-shirts. TDT has now evolved into a full contemporary collection which also includes, bags, accessories and footwear.

Gaughan, leads the slightly schizophrenic existence of, by day or from 9 to 5, or there abouts, he is the co-Owner Director at the London-based public relations agency SANE Communications then balances the responsibilities and enjoyment of TDT, by night.

Rotating transmission is the literal translation of Tourne de Transmission: an analogy for the idea of combining visuals, textures and words with the result of generating a message.

TDT’s evolution has rather successfully, taken further steps into researching the culture clash between east and western clothing and as a result the brand is now stocked in some the worlds leading cutting edge fashion stores and has garnered a fan base of stylish A-list actors and music industry stars.


Who would be your Ideal dinner parties guests ?

It would need to be a bit of a guy night with steaks and shit….… Ozzie Osborne, Patrick Swayze (as Bodie from Point Break mode), Nas, Kurt Cobain, Sammy, Frank and Dean (Rat pack), Bowie (obvs) John Cleese, John Candy, Will Ferrel, Douglas Barder…. tough to nail down to a few really…

Who is your style icon ?

My wife… I get a lot inspiration from her.

What style mantra do you dress by ?

Black is the foundation…

imageIf your house was on fire what would you save ?

My family obviously… and my hard drive as it has all our memories on it…

What is your favourite piece of clothing ?

Differs a lot from week to week… right now an Our Legacy worker jacket I have…

If you had one day to live what is your biggest regret ?

Not flying a spitfire… I am a bit of a plane nut. Or skydiving… I love the idea of getting as close to natural flight as possible… but it scares the shite out of me.

What track always gets you on the dance floor ?

Coming up by Wings.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given ?

Go with your gut, learn from mistakes… And presumption is the mother of all fuck ups…

If you could collaborate with one brand, who would it be ?

Perhaps something out of the fashion realm completely. Maybe… Louis Poulsen… The danish light brand.

What piece of clothing should Everyman have in his wardrobe ?

A good dramatic overcoat…



TOURNE 3tOURNE 1Tourne 4TOURNE 3For the recent Spring/Summer 2017 Tourne de Transmission show during LC:M, we had exclusive behind the scene access before the show. Where we caught up with Graeme, who told us;

What’s your inspiration for your Autumn/Winter collection ?

Mostly a conversation I had with NYC based Artist Chris Dorland.  We started discussing working together and one of the themes we talked at length about was taking the idea that a lot of big billboards (including fashion mega brand billboard adverts) were made on huge coated canvas waterproof sheets (before a lot of digital ones ) and once finished with are discarded. Aid Charities are then collecting all these old billboard ad’s and then using them for shelters & tents for refugee camps and towns etc …. we both were drawn to this overt irony that these ads that are created to entice us to spend on “stuff” were being used for essentially the most important of human functions… shelter…

I then took this notion further by pushing this theory across into the clothes by taking silhouettes and fabrics out of their normal context and flipping them into new areas in fabrics they are not normally made in. And also making our own huge billboards and messing with the idea of ads to create our own message/commentary on these current state of things…

What are your favourite pieces  ?

I am most looking forward to a poncho, and how it works in the fabric that it would not normally be made in.. and seeing how a lot of the patchwork silhouettes we do are gona work with the new media we are creating via the billboards.


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