Is Mother Nature giving us the solution to this Problem ? – Aveda introduce, Invati Men

imageWithin the haircare industry the mystique that surrounds Aveda’s Invati product, its properties and the results achieved by using it are the stuff of legends and following the global success of the brand’s best-selling hair care system. Aveda are about to introduce, Invati Men – a two-step system specifically designed for men to address one of their biggest hair care concerns, thinning.

Powered, of course, it is Aveda, by naturally-derived ingredients, formulated with a blend of plant actives, Invati Men offers Solutions for Thinning Hair. It’s designed specifically to meet the unique needs of men. This easy two-step system helps improve the look of thinning hair. In fact from their tests 4 out of 5 men say their hair feels stronger and looks thicker. Invati Men helps men with early to moderate thinning, who may be seeking preventative measures against hair loss due to breakage.

Aveda partnered with Nisarga, an Indian firm committed to growing Ayurvedic herbs with organic agriculture, to supply the certified Organic Turmeric, used in Invati products, yes the miracle spice that we are continuously finding is good for us, from Teeth whitening to preventing certain Cancers. With Aveda’s support, Nisarga is able to expand organic farming that is better for the wider environment, but in assisting the farmers, the local environment too.

As we said Invati Men works on the principle of TWO STEPS, ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY.

imageInvati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo

This is a lightweight, creamy shampoo that exfoliates the scalp and conditions to help strengthen thinning hair. Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid helps remove build- up and excess sebum which can clog pores. Massage in to energize and prepare scalp for step two.


imageInvati Men Scalp Revitalizer

This quick-absorbing, drip-free leave-in treatment serum, powered by Amla, which thickens hair at the root. Instantly thickens the look of hair and helps invigorate the scalp when massaged in, whilst increasing microcirculation with a blend of plant actives. Apply once daily, every day, on wet or dry hair, directly onto the scalp, massage in and style as normal.

Now if all that wasn’t enough for you, the Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo is housed in a 8.5 oz/250ml containing a minimum 75% post-consumer HDPE and up to 25% bioplastic. Invati Men Revitalizer is housed in a 4.2 oz/125ml bottle containing a minimum 75% post-consumer HDPE and up to 25% bioplastic bottle, and what does all that actually mean? Don’t worry all you need to know is the bioplastic used is a biopolyethylene derived primarily from sugarcane. Sugarcane is a quickly renewable and sustainable resource.


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