Clarks X Christopher Raeburn by Grace Downs

Clarks boot 5British Designer Christopher Raeburn known for creating innovative, unique and creative menswear, womenswear and accessories ranges. But, what makes Raeburn’s collections stand out from the crowd is that fact that all of this ranges are based on sustainable fashion and designed with the three R’s in mind. His past designs have brought sustainable, eco fashion to the mainstream as well as creating a new definition for luxury.
When the award-winning menswear designer researched, iconic footwear brand, Clarks, he gained knowledge that only turned an already promising partnership into a match made in shoe heaven. It seems that the first pair of Clarks shoes were made from off cuts from sheepskin rugs. This is not only an ethical bonus for us but for Raeburn it provided a mutual synerg between the two brands, that he needed to make this collection not just another normal catwalk collab.
Clarks boot 2In September Clarks and Raeburn previewed 11 styles at London Fashion Week all of which combine a the style of Clarks heritage of shoe making expertise all whilst being inspired by Borneo and anthropologist Tom Harrison at the centre of the story. The collection features sandals with woven detailing and bold ankle straps for both men and women. They were created using recycled EVA and cork, the modern but vintage-esque shoes still stick to the eco-friendly and sustainable ethos of both brands.

The Jacala strap sandal in particular is said to sum up the spirit of a true adventurer. All of the shoes are lightweight and can be worn at all occasions, casual, work, smart and even whilst desiring an adventure. The sole constructions of the shoe are complemented by webbing and cmagnetic buckles. The Jacala sees traditional features being made modern. In other news the Bandar Lo shoe is a reimagination of the classic and iconic Clarks Desert boot except now with a new military feel. The Bandar Hi boot with the contrast panels also integrates Christopher Raeburn’s functional sensible vibe with Clarks unique extra light soles. Finally the minimal silhouette of the Jambi Hi and Jambi Lo which feature performance mesh panels add an athletic and leisure feel to the collection.
“Developing this collection with Clarks has been a truly collaborative and creative experience,” Raeburn said as the launch was unveiled today. “We have been able to successfully evolve a design aesthetic that captures the essence of both brands, as well as bringing to life the seasonal narrative – and I am incredibly pleased with the diverse and yet cohesive nature of the final range”Clarks Boots 1


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