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imageIngenuity and simplicity are often the elements that distinguish a truly iconic design classic from just an attractive design piece, think of classics like the Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair, the Original Volkswagon Beetle or even the I-pod. Responsible for the design of one of the most recognisable watch faces in the world, Mondaine is renowned for its iconic timeless designs inspired by such elements as the Swiss Railways clock and the Helvetica font. A master of combining simple unity of timeless design with innovation, craftsmanship and functionality, Mondaine exemplifies 20th century design. The brand’s Swiss heritage forms what some say is the heart of the brand.

imageThe original Mondaine collection houses the brand’s most recognised and signature styles, including the iconic, simplicity of the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch which takes inspiration from the clock seen on all Swiss railway stations.

This season Mondaine introduces the Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smart, unveiled at the Baselworld International Watch fair to rave reviews, the first-ever smartwatch to be launched by a Swiss watch brand. This collection is inspired by Helvetica, perhaps the most popular and widespread font ever created. By focusing on the simple unity of timeless Swiss design with innovation, craftsmanship and functionality, in contrast to other smartwatch launches, which focused more on the technical or communication aspects, Mondaine made the intriguing move of combining technology with horology. This Swiss-made watch, with the only indication that it had anything different about it being the sub-dial at 6 o’clock position, provides an analogue readout of the sleep and exercise data collected by the MotionX activity tracking software and App via sensors in the watch.

imageFollowing the success of this timepiece, Mondaine ‘smartened up’ five more of its heralded Helvetica models, including one special Subscription-only version, which is limited to 1957 pieces, in reference to the year Helvetica was born. Mondaine has remained true to itself by focusing on the simple unity of eminent timeless Swiss design. All the new Helvetica models have a 44mm case diameter, anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal and a matt brushed stainless steel case, and come in Black, Gold and White versions.



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