Molto Bene – Fiorentini+Baker and Ducati

imageWell the flip flops are well and truly put away for another year, the desire for more sensible and, frankly, warmer footwear comes to mind and let’s face it you’re certainly not going to get cold wearing these bad boys.

The coming together of these two Italian brands, is the best thing since Pasta was mixed with bolognese sauce. Ducati, the epitome of sexy Italian motor cycle engineering for nearly 90 years and Fiorentini+Baker, founded in 2001 by British designer Deborah Baker in partnership with interior designer Paolo Fiorentini.

imageThis new collaborative range brings together the very best of the two brands, it presents seven models for men and women consisting of five pairs of boots of different heights and two pairs of sneakers. The collection displays a perfect union between the iconic styles for which the shoe brand has become synonymous, while further creating a classic motorcycle boot which is tough and enduring: the upper boot features the typical and classic bolster tip, combined with lateral buckles that ensure these boots are not only stylish but hard-wearing essential biking equipment.

Materials used for the collaboration are typical of the Fiorentini+Baker label, natural leathers, brushed and grease treated to highlight the traditional and artisan hand finishing techniques used by the brand. To craft the collection, Ducati opened its archives to the Fiorentini+Baker creative team, so that they could feel the story of the Italian motorcycle brand and inspire its own interpretation, resulting in a collection that combines the classic motorcycle design with the vintage feel that is at the very heart of the shoe brand.



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