Men age differently hence why we need Menage

imageMenage is a British grooming skincare brand specifically formulated for men’s skin and the riggers it encounters with everyday life. Its products contain an unique ingredient called “Copper PCA”. The range contains 5 unique products, all pitched at a very affordable end of the market, even though they look luxurious and aspirational.

Ménage came about back in 2010, when British rower Charlie Pitcher planned to row single handed across the Atlantic. He approach this fledgling brand for a new type of hand cream to protect and repair his hands from friction, sun, and salt water.  So they put their thinking caps on and decided to include their ground breaking protective antioxidant Copper PCA.

After great feedback from Charlie, who’d just broken the world record,  they realised they were on to something and discovered, how, many men need proper anti-ageing skincare. From this they started looking at solutions for men working in harsh conditions, doing extreme sports, or just working with their hands every day.

Some of the key products in the range include, the Anti-Fatigue Eye roll-on, this Caffeine enriched product works to combat the visibly tell tale signs of tired eyes. It’s invisible cooling serum absorbs quickly to reduce the appearance aging and over doing it, whether that be through work, play or a lack of rest, including fine lines, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Also, a little miracle in a tube is the Daily Hand Repair, this instantly absorbing hand cream rehydrated and repairs damaged skin, but in the process leaves them completely non-greasy and ready to carry on working.


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