Dead Profit’s Society – Dead Profit

imageDead Profit is a contemporary British urban menswear brand founded out of a pursuit to create relevant and high quality menswear with a conscience and a heart. The concept and vision, comes  from a pair of life-long friends aiming to combine their skills and create a modern menswear label offering streetwear staples with a considered and graphic approach.

The way founder Anton Amoo sums it up: “Dead Profit symbolises the struggle after receiving your salary at the end of the month, being stuck in this vicious cycle: in a constant battle to make a living, provide for one another and ultimately define yourself in this existence. We are all different in our own ways but Dead Profit is so much more than a clothing company, it’s a way of thinking, a method of living, it’s a lifestyle. Along with these connotations, ‘Dead Profit’ is our life ethic, commitment and drive.” 

imageEach print and design has a dedicated story and rationale to reinforce the brand’s unique ethos. The derelict building print, conveying a sense of abandonment, rejection and neglect providing an insight into drive and roots of the brands inception. The knuckle-duster print is their way of showing the fight to survive, almost as if you’re fighting to be the last man standing.

Finally their unique face design, the ‘Dead Profit’ face, is built through the roots of the duo, conceived in a kitchen two years ago, the face shows the passion, and determination with the constant reminder as to what they believe in and where they come from. The quality of all Dead Profit products is paramount, offering high quality construction throughout the brand development. The manufacture and product development comes from life-long friend and support Asif Dassu, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has created for leading brands. The brand’s broad and current market research led them to manufacture high quality. Using innovative fabric finishes and applications with cutting edge, state of the art technology, they are able to develop the brand in meticulous detail.



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