Doing its bit for the World – Agnès B’s TARA Expedition

Forget New York, Milan, Paris, ahh actually scratch that last one, we do need to remember Paris, because after Greenland, Stockholm and on its way to a very important conference on Climate change in Paris and three years after her last visit, Tara called into London recently.

imageSo who is Tara ? Well, Tara Expeditions, is a French non-profit organization active since 2003 in favor of the environment. A legendary boat built for extreme conditions, Tara is the platform for high-level scientific research missions. Her mission as sentinel of the Ocean and provides the first complete overview of the ocean’s plankton ecosystem. On the way to the next Climate Conference of the United Nations, the schooner is on course to alert the public, influencers and policy makers of the rapid changes in the oceans due to global warming.

imageThe uniqueness of the Tara Oceans approach is to have sampled the world’s oceans systematically across all domains, from viruses to animals and including a rich variety of vital environmental data. The data generated sets a baseline, on a global scale, to evaluate the impact of climate change on oceanic ecosystems in the future.

imageNow a fair question to ask is, what is Agnès B’s association with the Tara expedition ? What could Fashion have to do with Climate Change ? Agnès has always designed clothes that reflects the spirit of the age by creating a wardrobe that can easily adapt to every personality and can be worn without going out of style. But she is also the owner of Tara and personally the principal partner of Tara Expeditions.



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