Sick of your old faithful Brogues ? Grenson have the answer for you !

imagePlease forgive me if you think I’m going to use this post as an opportunity to lambast one of the finest examples of footwear, not just male footwear, ever created on God’s fine Earth. However, the upstanding and honest to goodness Brogue has been around now for some 200 years and although it doesn’t look its age and you have no intentions of trading them in,  you may be wanting to find another alternative to add to your versatile shoe ensemble.

imageIn answer to this cobbling dilemma, the excellent purveyor of fine footwear  Grenson for this season are offering up with an outstanding substitution. The Grover, never to be mistaken for the popular furry blue Muppet who frequents Sesame Street. No this is an iconic style that is the popular shoe of choice with the dapper and stylish chaps of France, but strangely has never been in part of the Grenson collection before, or in fact caught on to any extent this side of the channel. Sometimes known as a Chasse in France or a Y-tip in Japan, see you do learn something new every single day, due to the signature detail of this design classic and a short hand sewn apron and toe seam. Grover is the boot version on a solid rubber commando sole and a chunky split welt, in country grain leather. Then we have the Percy, the traditional shoe version.



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