Many strings to his bow ? Hammond & Co launch Grooming & Watch ranges

imageIs there no end to Patrick Grant’s main talents, ?  He’s already enthralled us with his tailoring skills through his Norton & Son and E.Tautz Ranges, entertained us with his presenting skills on the Great British Sewing Bee and then blown the competition out of the water with his Hammond & Co range for High Street Retailer Debenhams. So what next then ?

Well he’s only gone and showed off a little more by extending the product categories of Hammond & Co to include a Grooming range and a Timepieces collection, and do you know what, their actually really rather blooming good.

Originally launched in Autumn 2013 Hammond & Co offers sartorial styling, sharp separates and luxury accessories for men with an inherent sense of style. Now the Hammond &Co watch collection takes inspiration from the opulent vintage and heritage military watches of the mid-20th century. Presented in a classic palette of navy, tan and black with well-worn finishes, dials are off-white. Smokey hues and printed markings soften designs giving a warm vintage feel.

imageThe 25 piece collection builds on the popularity of the Hammond &Co brand with a luxurious yet affordable range from £100 to £140. Designer Patrick Grant says of his new brand extention, “In the words of William Shakespeare, ‘better three hours too soon than a minute too late’. At Hammond &Co we believe punctuality should be part of every gentlemans being. I also believe that he should turn up looking the part, so my first watch collection spans the formal to the sporting, practical and stylish whatever the occasion.”

imageNow then, Mr Grant is particularly well known for his dapper and well turned out appearance in every facet of his satorial being. So it comes as no surprise that he’s launching a grooming range for this forthcoming season. The fragrance is clean and crisp with a heart of cedarwood, citrus and botanicals. In Grant’s own words, “The Hammond & Co fragrance is fresh and crisp with woody, spice and citrus notes making it a perfect year round gentleman’s staple.”

The grooming collection includes;  Eau De Toilette; Face & Body Scrub set £15; Wash Bag with Body Wash, Shave Gel and Face & Body Lotion £18; and a Travel Bag with Face & Body Lotion and Shave Gel. The Hammond & Co by Patrick Grant Fragrance collection is available in 50 Debenhams stores nationwide and online from 19th October 2015. Whereas the watch collection is available from September. All in times for those all important Present lists, notice I didn’t say the ‘C’ word, yet.



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