Stand out from the crowd with Mulberry’s new Dazzle collection

imageAlthough the traditional holiday season may be coming to an end, urgh, now might be the ideal time to invest in some new luggage or travel accessories and as per usual Clothes-Make-the-Man has just the right thing for the right occasion. This time it being Mulberry Men’s Collection new season Holdalls in Dazzle Camouflage.

Originally designed by artist Norman Wilkinson to confuse enemy ships during the First World War as battleship camouflage, the ‘Dazzle’ design consists of complex geometric shapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other. The purpose of this type of camouflage was not to hide ships, but to confuse the enemy, as the distinctive pattern made it difficult to estimate a ship’s size and speed.

imageWilkinson, a Royal Navy volunteer in World War One, had come all too aware of the threat from German U-boats. He was also an artist and illustrator, and had an idea to use his artistic skills to help protect Allied ships. He realised that it was near impossible to paint a ship in camouflage that would hide it from the sights of a submarine commander. Instead, he decided that the opposite approach might be the answer. Mulberry has taken this iconic British military pattern and used it on printed leather and a hardwearing woven jacquard to give a modern twist to classic everyday styles.

The signature Mulberry Clipper and two new ‘Multi-tasker’ styles come in Mulberry Dazzle Camo Print in Grey and Blue colour options. A range of accessories including wallets and phone covers To complete the collection.

The Multi-tasker collection is based on the principles of versatility and functionality. The Backpack was designed with the contemporary urban man in mind, who needs a bag that can switch easily from cycling to meeting and equally back again.



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