Understated Elegance – Puma, Made in Italy

imageTrainers or Sneakers, if you so prefer, have come along way from there original running track origins. No longer just confined to the sports arena, trainers are now as versatile as a pair of denim jeans, in fact some would argue even more so. We now see designer collaborations, formal trainers, designer brands launching their own interpretations of classic designs and certain styles of trainers are swaping hands for designer price tags.

PUMA continue to be a leader the market when it comes to innovation and creativity with regard to design and aesthetic. For this season they have continued to work with some of the finest factories in Italy this year with the PUMA States hand crafted Made in Italy pack.
Basing the collection on the concept of texture and surface interest, PUMA have explored different ways of treating the surface of the materials through embossed effects and the use of natural dyes and dye techniques.

Strong attention to detail and quality in manufacturing is what really seperates this pack, using some of the finest factories in Italy where the designs are anti-machine and pro-perfection.
Using the classic States silhouette, the pack consists of three models: States in black/white and natural/whisper white and States Mid in peacoat/white, all transformed into fresh icons, unrivalled in every sense of the word.



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