Bridging the Travel Gap – The Bridge

imageThinking about booking a little city break, there is a bank holiday coming up, a cheeky weekend away or you may have more of a HOLIDAY approaching on the horizon ?  Whatever you choice of getaway, urban, restful, hedonistic or all action, one thing you definitely need to consider is the vessel you will be using to carry your carefully selected choice of apparel during this aforementioned jaunt.

The luggage you carry whilst awaiting its arrival at the carousel says a lot about you. So ensure you look the biz at this all important time with carefully selected bag/case/hold up/trunk.

One such brand in question that will always have you standing out from the crowd is the Italian Luggage brand, The Bridge, who offer luxury products at a far more sensible price point. Founded in

image1969, in Scandicci on the outskirts of Florence, originating from an idea of 5 artisans that got together and started the company. In 1975 “The Bridge” brand was born, originally the headquarters was located near a bridge called “Ponte a Greve”, and this is why the brand took this name.

The Bridge was selected among others because it represents the strong link of the company to the local community and to its geographical origins.

The Brand Identity’s revolves around three main values: style, multi-function usage and durability. The Bridge is a brand that follows its clients during the most important moments in an individual life, becoming part of his/her history. A history made of meetings, work, travels and free time. The Bridge’s very own artisans are extremely skilful in their work, they place great care in crafting these products, making them unique pieces. Time, usage and baggage handlers do the rest, increasing the appearance of the product over time. The Bridge products are designed with the same care and the same love for simple things that are well made and last a very long time.

imageThe offering from the brand is split into two very distinct categories, Running Products and Seasonal Products. Running Products, are the hardy perennial items, design classics that represent the true DNA and design principles of the Bridge. Whereas Seasonal Products, are as the name suggests, closer to fashion trends and seasonal market requests. Commencing this season Eduardo Wongvalle, ex Art Director of Bottega Veneta and Dior, who has had formally collaborated with Armani and Bulgari, undertook the creative direction of the brand.

The Bridge products are present all over the world, placed in some of the most important cities such as Milan, London, Zurich, Shanghai, Beijing and New York.



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