If it’s good enough for the Son of God it good enough for me ! – Jo Malone London Incense & Cedrat Fragrance

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 09.35.55The individual and unique aroma of Incense have made it a desired commodity for over six thousand years. Through history, incense has held a spiritual role. Burnt in ritual, its smoke was believed to connect the earthly being to the divine. The Roman emperor, Nero, burned an year’s harvest at the funeral of his favourite mistress. And it was the favourite scent of the Queen of Sheba. In fact, as Master Perfumer of this scent ,Marie Salamagne notes, ‘Man has always had a special connection with incense. It is something used to find peace and energy.’

Incense & Cedrat is the new addition to Cologne Intense, a collection defined by rich and rare ingredients by Jo Malone London, yes Jo Malone do Men’s Grooming products, it’s not just for the ladies fellas. For this fragrance, Marie Salamagne, used the scent of Omani incense, the most precious in the world. Produced for over six thousand years, it is harvested from the revered Boswellia sacra tree found in a swathe of land between ocean and desert, Dhofar. The harvest is passed down through generations. Twice a year the tree is incised allowing resinous sap to seep out, dry and crystallise.

The distinctive warmth of incense is enriched by three layers of resins. Each one intensifies the character of the incense heart. The lemon and pepper notes of Elemi bring out a radiant freshness as the fragrance opens. Amber-like labdanum ciste highlights sensuality at the heart. Smooth, sweet benzoin accentuates an addictive richness at the base. As the resins unfurl, they are complemented by the brightness of cedrat. A luminous citrus twist.


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