Party like it cost 19.99 – Essential advice if you’re attending a Prom


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Prom night is no longer the remit of the all American fairy tale, good overcoming evil, Taylor Swift music video, you know. Gone is the idea of it being reminiscent of cheesy films the like of ‘Grease’ or ‘High School Musical’, depending on your age. Proms are BIG business now with more than 85 per cent of schools in Britain holding these events even though the prom season is relatively short: only six-eight weeks from mid-May to mid-July. Yet the business is estimated to be worth about £100 million to retailers.  The average cost was £244 per person, with one in 10 spending more than £500 and two per cent splashing out more than £1,500, according to a survey carried out last year by hotel chain Holiday Inn.

Proms are a BIG deal and create lasting memories, it’s not just girls that need to look and feel their best. We live in an age of equality and guys want and need to look more chic than geek on their big night.

We sort some expert advice to assist you in looking your most dapper best, from John Mooney, Menswear Design Director, of Asos. You couldn’t really look for a more leading name than Asos when it comes to ensuring demands are met for male consumers wanting to look stylish at events of this nature. John let us in on a couple of golden nuggets of advice for you to follow, so listen up;

  • Styling tips to look your best on Prom night ?
  • Be comfortable, don’t go pretending to be someone you’re not, it generally fails and everyone can see through the façade. So keep it simple and don’t over style it. Do a bit of research and get an understanding of what prom means…it doesn’t have to be pastel tuxedos and ruffle front shirts.
  • When going for a Prom suit should you go Traditional or Contemporary ? 
  • Again you need to be true to your own style, there’s no point turning up dressed like you’ve just walked off the Saint Laurent catwalk if you generally wear v-neck knits and chinos and ever so slightly pointy brogues. However I think a comfortable balance can work really well, is a tux jacket and skinny black jeans appropriate, yes I think it probably is.


  • Any no no’s to stay clear from ? 
  • For some reason I have Jim Carey in dumb and dumber in my head….. The pastel tux’s…… Anything that looks like fancy dress is a no.
  • Your Top suit buy for the big night ? 
  • Buy something you’ll use again…. No one wants to be buying a suit that will just occupy space in your wardrobe and never see the light of day, make a sensible purchase…. Can you wear it again, how versatile is it, what else can you put it with. We have a vast range of suits and blazers at asos…. Personally I love this little cropped blazer we currently have in stock, can be dressed up with a slightly cropped trousers and lingline shirt or down with skinny jeans and t-shirt:

 Asos Prom

  • Tips/recommendations for those shopping for a suit with a budget ? 
  • Spend that extra £20 getting the suit altered, it really does make the difference, do a bit a research, find your best local alterations workshop [lots of info on blogs etc] and get the sleeves taken up [always show a bit of cuff], back taken in and trousers take  up…. Don’t be shy of a crop…. It can make all the difference and gets you closer to the bespoke look [well almost!]


  • Is it a good idea to co-ordinate with your date?
  • What, like Posh and Becks in leather……. in a word, no!




1) Versatility – As John says, don’t go for a suit you’ll never wear again. Ever man could have a decent Blue suit as part of his repertoire and this 3pcs from Asos is an excellent example. Wear it together or break it up into pieces, key word with this suit is versatile.


2) Classic – If it ain’t broke don’t mend it, there’s a lot  to be said for this phrase and there is nothing wrong with going classic on Prom night but ensure you don’t look like you’re wearing your Dad’s tux or you’ve hired it too late and they didn’t have your size left. As John advises get your suit altered to you by a reputable local tailor.


3) Matching isn’t a must – You don’t have to go all out on a full on suit for the occasion. Remember don’t try and be something your not. Go for a great blazer and team it up with your favourite jeans, if it’ll make you feel more relaxed and confident.


4) Traditional doesn’t have to be boring – As long as your follow the advice given in the today’s post you can’t go wrong. Make sure you go for a more contemporary fit, as offer by the likes of Asos. Fit is all important as it improves your posture therefore making you stand straight which it turn gives off a more confident air.


5) Why does it have to be Dark – It’s your Prom not a funeral, lighten the mood with this great light, unstructured Summer suit. Proms happen in Summer, break from tradition, no one could say this look was casual, but team it with a tee and even sneakers and you be cool in every way possible.



6) Ohhhh Velvet – Channel that inner playboy and let Hugh Hefner be your style icon for this look. A Velvet jacket is a great way of adding a bit of colour to your outfit without it getting too carried away. It always looks chic and this one by Red Eleven is a perfect example.


7) Being Single isn’t always great on Prom Night – If the suit fits then wear it ! The Double breasted is back and hey it’s looking good. This is an amazing example from Antony Morato, the only hesitation I would have is if you are of a larger frame, like myself, DB isn’t always particularly flattering.



8) Dont be a Wall Flower – as we’ve said, it’s your Prom not a funeral, so enjoy it ! You don’t have to follow the crowd, go for something a little different from the norm and this Peter Werth suit sums it all up. Not so different and its screaming look at me, but different and stylish enough to ensure you look the part.

image9) Investment buys – We’ve mentioned a couple of times about, ensuring that if you make a suiting purchase for Prom Night, making sure it doesn’t gather dust at the back of your wardrobe, think investment. I LOVE this suit, not only is it 3 pcs, which is not only on trend at the moment but more versatile. Plus, Tweed is going nowhere as a trend, if you look after this suit it will look after you, long into your old age. A piece you’ll just keep wearing and wearing.

image10) Wear it with confidence – Yes I know we’ve been banging on about versatility and investment pieces, but if you want to make a statement at your Prom, look no further than Noose & Monkey, the brother brand brand to Without Prejudice. As long as you have the confidence and swag to carry it off, they can tailor for your need, without having to take a second job to pay for it.


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