Hair Loss Awareness month

imageMay marks, Hair Loss Awareness Month and it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness around the issue of hair loss. This affects so many men, and women, that it’s important they know they are not alone. When hair is going through a crisis it’s really important to get to the bottom of the problem and then treat accordingly. Whether this is due to stress, over styling, diet or another dramatic reason, it’s best to see an expert such as a dermatologist or trichologist to diagnose the issue in order to plan the most effective next steps, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and not to leave it, put it off or ignore it. It’s important that people understand there is something they can do about it, this is why advice, tips and details on supplementation are key to educating men. We caught we with¬†Trisha Buller, Leading Trichologist, where she enlightened us on three key factors regarding hair loss and combating it.

imageAge-proof hair
“Many things, like environment, hormones, illness, and life changing circumstances, can alter your hair and influence your hairs condition, vitality and shine, but in particular the aging process can have a detrimental effect on the hair. There are actions that can be taken from the comfort of your own home to revive the ever desired youthful boost. Ensure you eat plenty of protein and maintain a balanced diet. You can also apply hair treatments weekly with gentle massage to your scalp to stimulate the blood supply to the hair follicle, encouraging healthy hair growth! For more tips and advice visit or

imageHealthy hair
“No matter what your hair style is, healthy hair is always considered the height of fashion. However the modern day lifestyle can take its toll on you and your hair. Many things, like environment, hormones, over styling & colouring, can alter your hair and influence your hairs condition, vitality and shine. Importantly, it is essential to have a regular professional maintenance programme for your hair, to maintain condition and style with cutting, colouring and treatments, To find out more about how to boost your hairs vitality, visit or www.managing

“It is not surprising that stress is a cause of hair loss. So many of us now can’t avoid stress in our lives and deal with traumatic situations everyday for example; the demanding pressure from work. During these periods the pressure can have an adverse effect on our hair. Feelings of lethargy and irritability makes the body’s immune system become venerable and our nutritional intake changes due to bad diet habits during these periods, this can create fine weak dull and lifeless hair, which could result in a hair shedding. During stress our bodies are releasing chemicals that transmit messages to the hair follicles, entering them into a resting phase. This can have an effect on the normal hair growth cycle. By entering into and remaining at this resting stage for a longer period of time this will affect the density of hair, shedding of an abnormal amount of hair on a daily bases will show as you may notice wider partings and less hair in a ponytail”.




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