It’s a fond farewell to the Stylish Mad Men of Sterling Cooper

When God closes a door he opens a dress.” – Roger Sterling.

Yes after seven wonderfully stylish seasons we bid a bereft farewell and enter a solem period of mourning, of course looking chic in black with a cigarette in one hand and a whiskey in the other, for Don, Peggy, Roger and of course, who could forget Joan, ahhhhh Joan, now there’s a woman ! Yes, the four time Emmy-winning show, Mad Men came to an end last night, starting in the 1960’s, surely we have never seen such a sartorial leading TV series as this ? Showcase the cut and thrust of the heady world of Advertising. We watched events play out and were often reminded of just what a bizarre and alien world the 60s really were, the death of Marilyn Monroe, J.F. Kennedy‚Äôs assassination, the Vietnam War and the rise of The Beatles.

As a homage to celebrate the end of what has been a revolutionary show, those equally suave people over at STYLIGHT have created profiles of the main five characters which reveal their dual personalities and delve into the hidden facts that you may not have known.image


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