No such thing as bad weather just bad clothing – Parajumpers

imageYep, that time of year is well and truly upon us, we leave for work to endure the early morning commute and its cold, possibly damp and definitely dull. So we wrap up putting on those all important layers, cursing under our breathe, to then find as we reappear into the madness of the grind that, no we weren’t mistaken it is Spring and things have started to warm up. Or at the weekend when we scramble out to walk the dog as it’s such a refreshing day,  thinking, hey I don’t need a jacket, to be throughly drenched on the return home. Yes, that in a nutcase my friends is known as the Great British Spring, and quite possibly Summer too.

However, Italian brand Parajumpers may just have the answer to your prayers. Deriving from the chance meeting between, Designer Massimo Rossetti and a serving member of the Canadian 210th Rescue Squadron in an ill-famed bar in Anchorage, Alaska provided inspiration for Rossetti’s latest creation.

The men of the 210th Rescue Squadron, are a team of highly trained individuals who are trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest, most remote and hostile corners of the Globe. Whether it be ships adrift at sea, rock-climbers stuck atop a treacherous mountain peak, or submariners sunk at unimaginable depths, these men are called to intervene.

imageThe result of this chance encounter was a range of extremely innovative pieces of outerwear, highly technical in its components, but at the same time and above all else functional.

Made of the highest durable quality nylon, these pieces come with a detachable down padded lining and fur-trimmed hood. On the front is a large zippable, highly functional multi-cargo pockets which contains a further three pockets designed for your connivence to carry such everyday modern essentials as smart phones, tablets, wallets or even your lunch.

For Summer 15 the source for the collection’s inspiration is the Gruppo Volo Canadair, a professional pilots association of about 100 heroic Italian civil pilots who put their lives at risk in fights forest fires. Drawing on the key pieces that built ParaJumpers’ aspirational identity, this collection features essential outerwear – such as the directional featherlight zip-up bombers, down jackets and parkas; water repellent windbreakers – that express comfort and practicality, while providing a sports lux style.

Rossetti says of this collection, “The looks are based on functionality, and yet we wanted to highlight a playful ‘the sky’s the limit’ attitude. It’s about enjoying the thrill of the experience up in the air, while keeping a strong style philosophy in mind.”



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