I couldn’t say it any other way – Miansai

imageNow I have to say I’m not big on Mens jewellery, I love a good watch and am lucky enough to possess a couple. I wear my wedding ring with pride and I cherish my late Father’s signet ring above my own life. Occasionally, I might wear a bracelet if I’m drawn to it, in a bit of a Magpie moment, now this is where Miansai came in.

Miansai, pronounced my-ahn-sigh, has a great back story to it, basically, founder, former Model, Michael Saiger was watching his girlfriend make a necklace one night, when things started to get a little too competitive. Picture the scene, Micheal:”What you doin ?” Girlfriend:”Making a necklace, leave me alone.”  Micheal: “That’s Horrible!” Girlfriend: “Well lets see you do better!?!” We’ve all been there, yes things get out of hand and it gets far too competitive.

Well, who’ve have known it Michael was right his resulting bracelet, an empty bullet case strung on a leather cord went down a storm at the University of Miami, where he was studying. Well that was 2008, since then Micheal has managed to turn his vision into a timeless and tasteful lifestyle brand that is sought after across the globe by style conscious men and women alike. With a healthy retail presence in over 36 countries, and the recent opening of its’ retail flagship in New York’s esteemed Soho neighbourhood.

The brand have invested in their own machinery and tools which allow them to produce on a consistent basis with care and craftsmanship. From drawing sketches to creating molds, melting metals and final assembly, every piece of jewelry the brand releases is conceptualised and created in-house. The brand has over 30 skilled craftsman and artisans on staff who are fixated on quality and perfection who work on their now established nautical aesthetic,