These Boots are most certainly made for walking – Redwing’s Foreman Chukka boots

imageLong gone is the perception of boots as being just the preserve of casual wear and strictly to be worn with denim as a workwear kinda look. A good solid pair of boots are far more of a better friend to you than you might just think, they are far more versatile then to be kept as strictly part of your winter wardrobe and cast to the back of your closet as the days get longer, brighter and warmer. There’s something rather comforting, masculine and really quite rule breaking when you team a great pair of boots with a formal suit, whether with or without a tie.

The perfect footwear and big enough to fill the boots required for any occasion are the Foreman Chukkas, which combine a simple leather boot upper with Red Wing’s durable neoprene cushion sole. The Foreman Chukka is a lightweight shoe that takes its timeless chukka design and attaches it to the iconic Redwing comfortable neoprene outsole. The neoprene outsole was designed to provide traction and long-wearing support for workers who spend hours on their feet and move between various terrain. This versatile sole is an ideal partner for the stylish and enduring chukka boot. All along the blue-collar backbone of America one contingency of workers who took a strong liking to Red Wing’s Chukka style were factory floor managers, also known as Foremen. The Foreman Chukka is availabe in two leathers; Briar Oil Slick and Black Harness.



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