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Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.48.17OK, OK it’s the last day of Christmas, no more Festive puns, I promise, until next December. Before I start on today’s post I have to point out the reason this press release and it’s accompanying images stood out to me. All to often I find myself having to go away for a night, whether that be a Press trip, meeting, work related or plain old pleasure. I don’t want to be lugging around bags, you know a bag with your laptop etc, an overnight bag and then on many occasions a suit carrier, as folding a suit and placing it, no matter how carefully, in  a holdall just doesn’t work. Let me tell you dragged through a hedge backward isn’t a good look when you are trying to impress and at least try and convince someone your half way professional.

Well, I’m not on my own in experiencing this problemo and rather then sit there complaining and fuming at luggage manufacturers, this man has got up and done something about it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.50.33Paul Magi takes an architectural approach to his new accessory brand. Defined by a masculine aesthetic, the design style expresses the structural details of a product. The impetus to create a bag-based brand was defined by the needs of a contemporary well-travelled man, not unlike yours truly. The starting point for the ‘Overnighter’ was a list of essential items for a one night stay, with a constraint to conform to airline carry-on size restrictions.

Paul Magi, himself an architect, presents a brand that focuses on the use of sustainable and responsibly produced materials and components. The ‘Overnighter’ uses water-resistant cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leathers to create a considered bag that features the Paul Mag logo embossed in an understated script and comes in the masculine and understated tones of Black and Cognac.

When considering form, Paul’s desire was to present an extrinsically symmetrical shape, which could maintain the bag’s structure when unpacked. Signature reinforced leather bracing straps provide the ‘Overnighter’ with sufficient rigidity in its horizontal position, to pack clothes and buckle them into position with ease, so therefore, no more excuses for tardy appearances when dressing to impress. The three compartments allow for clothing, laptop and personal items to be stored separately yet accessed easily. Stitching around the middle section showcases the technical padding for laptop protection.

The distance between the handles of the Overnighter (175mm) is also considered detail, determined by the size of a man’s hand. This allows easy access to the front zipped pocket, deep enough to accommodate a jet-setters passport, airline tickets, and any other small items. Finally, the padded shoulder strap sums up the whole design philosophy; effortless style with the comfort of the user in mind. Ahhhhhh what more could you want ?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.52.17


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