A word of advice from an Expert – Dr Paul Jarrod Frank

imageI never want to see another Turkey and stuffing sandwich again and don’t get me started on the the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, no seriously don’t, plus if I drink another drop of alcohol I’ll be fermenting myself. Well it was Christmas but it’s over for another year and all that over doing it mixed with late nights and a lack of general, or any exercise, is really going to take its toll on you and the first place to start showing these telltale sign is your skin. So to not only help you guys, but myself aswell, we sort the advice of an Expert dermatologist and Skin technology expert Dr Paul Jarrod Frank. Dr Frank is the Skincare guru for the leading male Skincare range LAB SERIES, he’s a cosmetic dermatologist and industry expert, specialising in anti-aging skincare innovations and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. His practice boasts over 50% male clientele and is dedicated to the very latest in groundbreaking services, procedures, machinery and technology, so in a word he knows what he’s talking about.

With the excesses of the holiday season weighing us down, there is price to be paid on our skin as well. Alcohol, excess sugar, cooler temperatures and changes in humidity all effect our skin’s ability to function and look its best. On a physiologic level, the best way to battle these changes is to drink plenty of water and step up the aerobic exercise to increase the body metabolism to flush out toxins. In addition, the best thing you can do for the skin at a topical level is to “ultra hydrate.” For this I recommend AGE RESCUE+ Water-Charged Gel Cream by LAB SERIES. This gel cream gives skin a burst of hydration along with a surge of energising ginseng. Skin will look refreshed and hydrated – perfect to combat the negative effects of holiday imbibing.”Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, LAB SERIES Skincare for Men Global Dermatologist and Skincare Technology Expert




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    Quick question! I couldn’t find a twitter account for your site, could you add a link?

    • anthonymcgrath405
      06/01/2015 / 14:53

      Thanks for taking the time to get into contact Gib. My Twitter account is ClothesMakeMan.


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