Their Legacy – Our Legacy by Nicolas Payne-Baader

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 13.59.14Another Scandinavian “heritage brand” has landed, this time in the form of Liberty’s top seller: Our Legacy. The current insatiable influx of Scandinavian designers shows no sign of abating and Our Legacy have just thrown open appropriately light wood doors in a typically minimal shop on Silver Place, an alley at the top of Beak street in Soho.

Founded in 2005 Our legacy became known for its parred down, dare I say it, typically scandinavian ascetic and a use of innovative fabrics, this year it debuted its use of ‘Grey Paper’ fabric a remarkably waterproof cloth (water literally runs straight off it like a ducks back, demonstrated on its website) from Japan it has used across a small range of utilitarian outerwear and bags. Over the past couple of years and possibly due to its positively mammoth 300 piece A/W collection encompassing jeans, footwear and coating it has also looked to seriously enter the suit market. Offering a several shapes in its new Soho premises the suiting is worthy of note for its casual lean: a jogging esque trouser accompanies many of its soft shouldered suits made from various cottons and including a light, crushed wool reminiscent of 90s Comme de Garcon and coming in at under £500 for the lot. Also in the collection is a more traditional patch pocket slightly more constructed grey flannel number, part of its push to dominate the 24 hour wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 14.07.16Overall, and despite the clean lines and white walls, Our Legacy does not feel overwhelmingly new, probably because it has been something of mainstay in department stores for the last several seasons, however with its new opening, hugely diverse collections, very wearable ascetic and fairly reasonable price point it is certainly here to stay and might just have what it takes to take Acne on as King.

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